Center of Attention

Center of Attention

Kim answers viewer questions and reacts to NeNe's wig party impression!


Before I get into this week’s show, I want to take a moment to answer some of your questions in the comments. I read them all (positive and negative) and I appreciate the support.

For all that have asked, “Tardy For The Party” is available RIGHT NOW on iTunes! You can download it there and dance your butt off to it! Thank you to EVERYONE, I made top ten dance tracks on iTunes in 24 hours and placed number two on caller tunes.

I’ve gotten a few comments on the lip gloss … I am completely obsessed with LORAC Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick in “Haute.”

Yes, I was married before and my staff is of mixed nationalities, from the chef to the nanny and so on. I’m always looking for the best, regardless of color, and contrary to what others have said, I have worked my hinney off as a nurse and a waitress for years.

Now on to the show!

I wasn’t at Lisa’s fashion show so I can’t really comment on how good or bad it may have been. I’ve heard mixed reactions around town – some said it was great and others said the opposite. I mean it’s Lisa and Closet Freak (I do love the name though) not Donatella and Versace! What did they expect???

I had the wig party for a bunch of girlfriends to get together, eat, drink and for me to get some ideas of the direction of my wig line. I’m still working on colors, styles, textures, lengths – you name it. Why not have a little fun? Well one of us decided to make fun of ME in MY house at MY party. Real cute. I guess when you don’t get enough attention at your own house, you need to come to my house to try and get it.


I loved watching the footage of my little one Ariana, she is so fun. The stuff that comes out of her mouth sometimes is hysterical – she is a mini me for sure. There is absolutely nothing that I love more than spending time with both my girls. I am truly blessed.

Keep watching and supporting! I love you all! The song is on itunes and “Team Kim” shirts are at

Until next week,
Kim Z.

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