Give Me A Break!

Give Me A Break!

Kim "cleans up the mess with the facts" about what really went down at the controversial alter ego photo shoot.

Another week of all the ladies talking about ME in some form or fashion. Kim said this, Kim did that, don't trust Kim ... Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, KIM! Give me a break already! I guess I'll do what I love to do first – clean up the MESS and insert the FACTS. The "Alter Ego" shoot was something that I agreed to do with NeNe because I had heard around town that Derek Blanks was an excellent photographer. NeNe first asked me to be a black girl named Kena, which would require me to be painted black, which is SO insensitive to the African-Americans, and NeNe is mad that I won't do something that would not only disrespect her, but an entire race of people?! Not happening.

And it was a SHOCK to find out that my alter ego was a "Stepford Wife" and "mistress" which is NOT what she told me when I agreed. It was supposed to be a "rich wife" and "Stepford Wife" which is why I was sexy and blinged out for the shoot. It's funny that I'm always called the liar when I was BLATANTLY lied to about what I was going to be in that shoot. Who in the hell would agree to be a mistress?? I wish these ladies would stop acting like I am the only one who has dated someone in a dissolving marriage. At least one of my cast mates has done the same.

Everybody looked great during the shoot ... Too bad NeNe looked like a damn linebacker while she was up on the stripper pole! Maybe she'll be trying out for the same football team as Sheree! LOL!

After the nanny nightmare, Myleik helped me find someone to replace "you’re going to hell" Tania. Our diets were terrible at the time, but I am proud to say that we have hired a chef and are eating at home more to work on getting healthier. We are all works in progress.

Until next week,
Kim Z.

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