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Kim talks Niecy Nash's birthday bash, palm readings, wig lines, and Sheree's party planning blowout!

By Kim Zolciak-Biermann


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I’m excited that the new season is back and I can’t believe I’m sitting here yet again. My how time flies and it’s crazy how much my life has changed in just one year! The first episode is just hilarious - from me visiting Rose to my trip to beauty school.

I just love Rose and it was great visiting with her again to get a reading on my future. I don’t know about that baby prediction though! Rose tends to be right on the money so I’m a little freaked out about the idea of me having another baby and a BOY at that! That would definitely be a change for me and the girls.

After taking SO much heat over the fact that I wear a wig, I decided to turn a positive into a negative and start a wig line. To kick off the process, I thought it might be a good idea to drop in to beauty school and get some background on texture, color and healthy hair. My first day in class was SOMETHING ELSE! Let’s just say that I’ve never been one for school. However, I did enjoy the class, my instructors and classmates! Shout out to EMPIRE Beauty School!

Now let’s get to Niecy Nash's birthday party. It always sucks that you can never really get the FULL story when they have to edit the show down to one hour and we’ve filmed for MONTHS. That night, I actually had TWO events to attend and I was running SO late that I ran in, did the red carpet, told Ms. Nash HAPPY BIRTHDAY and booked out to my next event.

I was a bit taken aback when the girls were out on the balcony and Sheree mentioned to NeNe that I said that Gregg was broke. Firstly, I hadn’t even spoken Sheree since last year! Secondly, I would never say anything like that about Gregg - I adore him and think he’s great. Now NeNe on the other hand, that’s a different story.

I cracked up at Sheree going off on her party planner! I literally laughed until my stomach hurt! I could watch that over and over again!

Until the next time!

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