No More Negativity

No More Negativity

Kim critiques Sheree's fashion show and reveals what really happened during her fight with NeNe.


It’s the final week before the REUNION and it’s been a long and crazy few months wouldn’t you say? It’s always hard for me to resurrect feelings after working so hard to get over being angry or upset or hurt or WHATEVER!

So without further ado, let’s get into this week’s show.

Sheree’s fashion show was great! I told her while I was there and I’ll say it again, she did a good job.

NeNe and I have "made up" from the big fight, I just can't carry around that negativity ... but I’m always shocked to watch footage of things that I don’t get to see and watch her say things like SHE introduced me to Kandi. Is she serious? This is the same woman that has claimed ALL SEASON not to know Kandi or her group! Make up your mind. And then to carry on about how she had to “defend” herself against ME??! Again, IS SHE SERIOUS? I’m about 1/3rd the size of NeNe, there’s NOTHING to defend! I really just wished she had admitted, apologized and moved on. Like I said before, we’ve reconciled and are in a cordial place. Like all of the other ladies say when asked about our relationships, “We’re CORDIAL!” LOL!



I thought I was going to fall over when Kandi said that it’s a good thing NeNe isn’t getting paid to THINK. It’s safe to say that thinking isn’t her strong suit. She said I’d never be able to sell my music without her ... NOT TRUE. Thanks again to all of you who have bought "Tardy for the Party" on iTunes.

The REUNION is coming! Hope you’re ready! I am performing "Tardy for the Party" ... So excited!!!

Until next week,
Kim Z.

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