Kim talks about Kandi's engagement party, NeNe's daddy dramas, and her wig line!


It’s still really tough getting back into things and blogging after the untimely death of AJ. Because I love interacting with you guys, let’s chat about last week’s episode.

Sheree and I got together to throw Kandi and AJ an engagement party. Regardless of whatever our gripes with one another may have been in the past, I’d get along with any of the girls (for as long as I HAVE to) to put something nice together for Kandi. Watching Kandi and AJ and getting the chance to share in that moment that they had is something I will never forget.

A fun part of the episode is watching Derek J transform the hair on my head! Isn’t he talented? I’m VERY PARTICULAR about who I let touch my hair and my wigs and Derek J makes me feel at ease. Sometimes he’ll tell me to just HUSH and let him do his thing. He knows what the hell he’s doing! I love the new look. He was able to help me capture exactly what I was looking for in a blonde wig. I like it REALLY blonde but didn’t want it to look too white or ashy and like a LOT of hair ... you know I’m over the top! I hear that Derek J has been getting a TON of phone calls since the show aired. He’s great at what he does.

NeNe finding her Dad was tough for me to watch. I can’t imagine that feeling of not knowing who your parent is after having lived most of your life believing that you knew. I could see the pain in her eyes and I hope that she got a chance to deal with that off camera and mend any relationships that need to be mended.



Not too much drama this week huh? And who would have guessed that with Sheree and I starting the show back at FAB?! I wasn’t worried about her "shifting" my wig that time. I had on one of my prototypes from my wig line "KZ’s Lokz" and it wasn’t going ANYWHERE!

One more week left and then the reunion. I’m going to miss you guys! If you want to check in with me, I’ll be blogging on the Orange County girls. I’ve already heard that they sound a bit like our Atlanta girls with evictions and such! You know I’ll bring it so check in with me.

Until next week,
Kim Z.

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