Mind Your Mild Manner

Mind Your Mild Manner

Lisa Wu Hartwell reveals her thoughts on the Sunset BBQ.

This week's show had my emotions all over the place.

I really wanted to be happy for my husband returning to the game but is difficult when you know that there is a strong possibility that he will get hurt. He is a man's man and he loves the sport but football is so brutal, I find myself praying for his safety right before every play.

NeNe: I applaud NeNe's strength in coming forward about her abuse. I know how that feels. I was alsoa victim of abuse and I applaud anyone that is willing to open up and share their past. It is a true testament that whatever you go through, count it all joy because it only makes you stronger! My heart goes out to NeNe in her quest for finding her real father.

Sheree: Sheree is a strong person. I would have canceled my event but it was a great networking event and she made the very best out of an event that was doomed from the first stitch. She is a fashionista and I would still by a dress from her collection.

DeShawn: DeShawn's attempt at the sunrise barbeque failed but she had great intentions. It was sad that we couldn't put our differences aside for one evening. Sometimes that happens.

Kim: I have no words for her. Eating chicken with NeNe? Is it just me or is that comment borderline racist?

You try to avoid the drama as much as possible but sometimes even the mild-mannered can get sucked in.

See you all next week!

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