Alter Egos

Alter Egos

NeNe gives a behind-the-scenes look at the Alter Ego photoshoot and her altercation with Kim.

Thanks for all your support week after week. It means a lot! Yes you can add director to the list of many things that make up NeNe Leakes.

Lisa and Kim meeting: I always find it interesting to watch a person wiggle their way out of a LIE! (Note the person that's ALWAYS having a meeting and or explaining something. Jesus.)

The Alter Ego Shoot: This was something I was planning to do with photographer Derek Blanks. During our meeting, Derek and I came up with the idea to invite all the ladies and we decided I would be the director! Loved it! Trust me, I have my differences with the girls but as far as being fair and genuinely wanting all the girls to look beautiful and have a good time, I was the one for the job!

I was surprised to hear the girls saying things about me being director when it was my event and I was the one extending the invite. My idea was for all of us to poke fun at ourselves based on the things people had said or thought about us. I asked Kim to be a black girl in one of the shots. If you remember, last year she said she was a black woman trapped in a white woman's body. I put in a call to Kim because as I said earlier, I wanted all the girls happy. We ended the call by agreeing to sleep on it and try to come up with something that works for the both of us. I never called Kim and she never called me back.

When I arrived at the shoot, I was told by the producers that Kim agreed to be a Stepford wife and mistress! I didn't question it, I just moved on (note kim's comment about the short black wig.) Needless to say, working with the girls in the end turned out GREAT!


PS: People will find fault in anything and I could comment negatively on some of the things Kim is saying in her blogs, but I usually step on TRASH not pick it up! I love my fans!

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