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Lisa Is My Favorite

Richard Blais has got love for Lisa Wu Hartwell.

By Richard Blais

Continuing with the status updates ...

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Lisa Lisa is my favorite right now. Every scene of her and Ed just seems genuine to me. And with the risk of sounding like a romantic, it's just obvious that they're in love. I also will use some slang I heard from Lisa. Stips ... as in stipulations. I'm all about that! Not much else to talk about this episode, but I want to meet Lisa and Ed. Lisa is way too "real" for this show...

DeShawn Mrs. Snow, BTW what a cool last name, gets back on track here in my opinion. We get to know a little bit about her organization and her faith. Although, I did find the Bishop a bit creepy. DeShawn is throwing a fundraiser, and I couldn't stand that some of the other wives were just hating on her goal. Who cares! Even if she gets partially to her goal it's still an accomplishment! Shoot for the moon and land on a star DeShawn. But the editing is telling me something is brewing here, maybe some drama for DeShawn next week. I hope not. DeShawn is still reminding me of Cuba Gooding's wife in Jerry Maguire.

Sheree Sheree had her best episode. She mainly was off the center stage. She probably hated this episode. She only briefly put one of her thousand shoes in her mouth and never mentioned her seven-figure settlement, so I'll mention it for her. She attended some sort of transgender fashion pageant. I'm not gay, but I always wanted to know what a pair of stockings felt like, on me... She was inspired. I was scared. Not inspired enough to put herself up to be auctioned off for a charity lunch though. If anyone could teach those kids self esteem it would be Sheree, because she's all about self, but that's not her thing it seems. I like Sheree's hairstylist. He picked a great restaurant, Murphy's, for brunch. He also gave us a great shot of his sweaty arm pits at the show. I always worry about that personally, but usually for my moobs. Sheree is, for the record, still looking for a seven figure settlement.

Kim She is making this way too easy. I do see a lucrative Newport endorsement in her future. She smokes in her house, in her car, in the make-up chair, in her office, while she's singing, while she's drinking, on a boat, with a goat; it's pretty freaking gross. We find out she aspires to be a country singer. None of her friends know this, but that doesn't surprise me. We hear a bit more about Sugar Papa -- rumors are swirling in the "A" as to his identity. She does bring in Dallas Austin. DA = true rock star celebrity. I cooked once at his house. He's fly. It was like cooking at the Jetson's house. Hey Dallas, call me! I want to cut a record too. I swear I would so slay Marcel in a molecular freestyle battle. She was joking when she played those tunes for him right? She had to be... right? I could go on here, but I feel like it would be piling on.

NeNe It is official that NeNe is the most entertaining character on this show! For the first time, I laughed with, not AT the housewives when NeNe did her standup skit about auctioning off Sheree. Anyone got one dolla? One dolla for this b%$&h, going once, going twice..... I was ROTFL. And then her singing and dancing at Kim's, just good stuff. NeNe had me laughing and smiling. I did feel like the whole baby daddy bit was a bit pushed for the drama. Overall, I'm feeling NeNe. You know what I'm saying? NeNe should get her own comedy sitcom, in animation -- it has to be in animation.

Atlanta Notes: Stoney River. Never been, don't think I will -- t's an OTP restaurant. Clubhouse. Buckhead. Never been, it's located near a popular shopping mall. Murphy's. One of the best brunches in town and a class act restaurant in Atlanta for many years. NeNe's trips to Athens. I'm embarrassed that I've never been to Athens which has a few great restaurants, mainly, Five and Ten. But as a Gator, there's no real reason to be in Athens anyway. I loved the shot of all the girls pulling up to the psychic's house. Sheree said it was like being in another state. No -- that is the Georgia most people from Georgia know. And I haven't seen that many Range Rovers pull up like that since the last Wu Tang video. WTF, have a personality, be an individual, maybe drive a Benz, a Jaguar maybe. I hear the new Toyota Corolla's nice. (smirk)

Please check out and maybe see me in NYC this week at Union Square farmers market ending the Top Chef tour on Friday (10/24) and Saturday (10/25) and celebrating Season 5 of Top Chef at Grand Central Station on Monday. And, oh, I'll be blogging that too... Top Chef 5 that is. rB

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