This Week Was A Really Crazy One To Watch!

This Week Was A Really Crazy One To Watch!

Sheree Whitfield talks about her over-exchange of compliments with Kim Zolciak.

This week was a really crazy one to watch! I would like to say that I agree with some of the bloggers regarding the OVERKILL of the constant compliments between Kim and myself that continues to carry through to each episode. Yes, I think she is pretty, but damn! Enough already!!!!!

Can they please show more of my business, family, friends?

The girls sleepover was by far the most fun I had during the taping. I love to laugh and boy did I do my share this night. I invited some of my closest friends to come out. Little did they know I had quite a surprise for them. I had great food, good music, and some wonderful instructors to instruct us on Pole Dancing 101. I heard of "pole parties" before but never attended one. I decided that we all could use a break from our normal lives and do something out of the box. We laughed so hard we cried. This was definitely a great bonding tool for me and my girls.

Please stop by and for behind-the-scenes photos from the party. The limo ride and the song ... I wasn't in the car!!!!!



"I do my best at being me"

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