Cynthia: I Had No Idea It Was That Awkward

Cynthia: I Had No Idea It Was That Awkward

Cynthia Bailey explains that uncomfotable kiss with Will.

Cynthia Bailey and Will Jones Share and Awkward Kiss What was going on with that awkward kiss?
Cynthia Bailey: OMG! I had no idea that it was awkward until I watched it! Things were still a bit strained between us after Kandi’s Essence party. What was going through your mind during all the drama between NeNe and Kim?
There is always drama within our circle, however the drama between NeNe and Kim has become a runaway train. It just never seems like it is going to stop. What was it like seeing NeNe so upset about the comedy show?
My heart went out to NeNe. She got caught up in a moment with a heckler and responded without thinking. She went too far. I have never seen her so upset. I felt helpless.

NeNe Leakes Breaks Down About Her Stand-Up Incident

The ladies are spilling even more tea in the #RHOA After Show:

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