Cynthia: I May Pass on the 50-Year-Old "Hoe" Option

Cynthia: I May Pass on the 50-Year-Old "Hoe" Option

Cynthia Bailey dishes on all the dating advice she received from the 'Wives. 

The Atlanta 'Wives Get on the Soul Train! What were your first impressions of Will?

Cynthia Bailey: My first impression of Will was that he was super hot! I was like, "Is this my birthday present?" 50 really is going to be fabulous, LOL! Was it funny getting conflicting dating advice from NeNe and Kenya?

I’m taking both NeNe and Kenya's advice. NeNe advised me to just have fun and be a "hoe" for once in my life. I’m definitely embracing my fun side these days, but I may have to pass on the 50-year-old "hoe" option — LOL! Kenya, on the other hand, advised me to take my time. This is great advice, just not coming from Miss Just Ran Off, Got Married in 3 Months, and Didn't Tell Nobody Kenya Moore. What did you think of Shereé's '70s party?

Shereé's 70s party was so much fun! I’m always here for a theme party, and I love to dance. The '70s are my favorite era; I’m obsessed with the fashion, hair, and music from that time. When I rock my signature afro look, I feel like I’m channeling my inner '70s Cynthia. Who had the best Soul Train moves?

All the ladies had some great Soul Train moves, but Kenya shut it down! I already knew that she was pretty limber because of all that newlywed sex she told me she was having with her husband, LOL! However, I think everyone was a bit surprised to see Kenya bust it wide open into a full split at the end of her dance. Yeah, she seems pretty excited to be married. 

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