NeNe: Kim's Rules Are Different from Everyone Else's

NeNe: Kim's Rules Are Different from Everyone Else's

NeNe Leakes talks about planning the girls' trip and shares her thoughts on some of the ladies not coming.

Cynthia Bailey Confronts Peter Thomas About Avoiding Her Were you worried about Cynthia planning the trip when she was talking about the budget?
NeNe Leakes: I was never worried about Cynthia planning the trip! She has good taste, but we like different things. I always need my sleep accommodations to be really nice, clean, and comfortable when traveling. Do you think Cynthia still has feelings for Peter?
I think Cynthia loves Peter, but she’s not in love with Peter. Definitely don’t look for these two to be back together — not happening!

Is Cynthia Bailey Still in Love with Peter Thomas? Were you surprised that Kim and Kenya didn't come on the Barcelona trip?
Totally not surprised Kim didn't come...her rules are very different from everyone else's. But Kenya not traveling with us was definitely surprising, because she loves traveling abroad with or without us. 

The ladies are spilling even more tea in the After Show:

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