Shereé: Cynthia Still Deeply Cares for Peter

Shereé: Cynthia Still Deeply Cares for Peter

Shereé Whitfield offers her perspective on Cynthia Bailey's relationship with her ex, Peter Thomas. 

Is Cynthia Bailey Still in Love with Peter Thomas? What did you think of Porsha's "no beef" dinner?
Shereé Whitfield: The dinner was nice. I really enjoyed the vegan food and the fun laughs with the girls. Do you think Kim's prediction that Cynthia is still in love with Peter is correct?
I do believe that Cynthia still deeply cares for Peter. I'm not sure if she's still in love, but there's still something there! It's very evident when she's around him.

Cynthia Bailey Confronts Peter Thomas About Avoiding Her Were you surprised to hear that Kim and Kenya were not coming to Barcelona?
I was very surprised when I got the news that they weren't coming with us on the trip.

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The ladies are spilling even more tea in the After Show:

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