Nene Leakes: I Thought My Invite Got Lost in the Mail

Nene Leakes: I Thought My Invite Got Lost in the Mail

Nene Leakes reveals how she really felt about not being invited to Eva Marcille's bachelorette party.

Why Didn't Eva Marcille Invite NeNe Leakes to Her Bachelorette Party? Were you worried about leaving Gregg for the girls' trip?
Nene Leakes: Honestly I really wasn’t worried about Gregg! He’s very independent. He likes doing things for himself, and he thinks it helps him to heal faster to move around. Besides, he wasn’t home alone! Our sons were with him the entire time I was gone and that’s what made me feel comfortable. What did you think of Eva and Kandi's dirty talk skills?

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Well let’s just say Eva’s dirty talking couldn’t hold a match to Kandi’s bedroom talk! No competition there! Clearly Kandi is an expert. What went through your mind when you learned Eva didn't invite you to her bachelorette party?
When I didn’t get an invite to Eva’s bachelorette party, I thought maybe my invite got lost in the mail somewhere! I’m not a party girl to that level, so even if Eva would have invited me, I likely would not have attended. I just don’t do a lot of things like that. I think the other girls were trying to get her to understand why it would have been polite to do so, since she had asked me to be in her wedding.

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