Foie Gras Fan

Foie Gras Fan

Cynthia gives us her take on the premiere and tells us about her time in Paris.


The Lowes Hotel scene was crazy, and I definitely did not miss anything since it ended rather abruptly. Nene backed Dwight into a corner, who declared himself a tiger, but came off more like a pussy cat waiting for a warm bowl of milk.  Also when Nene said that "Everyone wants to breath" (referring to Dwight's nostrils being abnormally small), I gained a new appreciation for being able to inhale and exhale without any complications.


Kandi announced that she was celibate, but could still have oral sex. Hmmm, that got me thinking. What is the definition of celibacy? Well, according to wikipedia, celibacy is defined as the lifestyle of someone who is voluntarily abstaining from ALL SEXUAL ACTIVITIES, remaining without any sexual partner.


Sheree can see herself one day winning an Oscar one day. Well, I'm glad she can. Positive affirmation is everything. Loved the line, "Cat's got your tongue?" It was genius.

Kim finds new love as a lesbian. BRAVO! (pun intended). On a positive note, at least they can be seen in public together. 


Foie Gras is French for fat liver, and the correct pronunciation is /fwa:'gra:/. As soon as the words came out of Phaedra's mouth, I had a flashback of my cute little apartment in Paris (on the left bank), that had the most adorable cafe just below, where I dined on a delicious foie gras daily. My mouth waters just thinking about... 


I could definitely appreciate Phaedra's advice to her good pal Dwight to not stoop to any "hood rat type levels." I couldn't agree more, but was she calling Sheree a hood rat? That's not a lady like thing to say for a Southern belle.



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