Good Riddance!

Good Riddance!

Cynthia was relieved Uptown closed even if it made planning the wedding a challenge.

Things that made me giggle, cringe or just left me confused:
1. He needs to pull over and check the air in the tires. And probably his blood pressure.
2. I work really hard, and my iron levels are too low. In that case, can I get a B-12 IV?
3. Wine to the rescue! Really? Nooooo. What a surprise?
4. Can I get a freakout moment? What am I supposed to say? Yay? I'll just text the 200 people that took off from work, bought their airline tickets and hotels rooms, and let them know the wedding's off.
5. "It's a wig, if you curl it now it will be ready later." Kim has a valid point.
6. "Gregg doesn't tell me anything. Tell me a lie, if anything." It was so hard to keep a straight face when NeNe said this. She is hilarious, and always makes me laugh. Except when I'm on the chopping block, of course.
7. Marriages break up over finances and sex. Sex? Who's having sex?
8. You're not to bring your man, you're not to bring your friend, you're not to bring your co-worker. You're not to bring your dog. You're not to bring your cat. You're not to bring your fish...
9. "Your slave is behind you." Happy New Year! It's 2011 right?
10. "What are you going to do, strangle me?" Is that a rhetorical question?
What a crazy episode! And guess what? So is next week. Well as you can see, Peter and I are still going at it with our restaurant/wedding drama. Yes, at this point in the show, Uptown has finally closed. Peter did everything he could do to hang onto it to no avail. Can I be honest? I say good riddance! Sometimes one door has to close in order for another one to open. If God wanted Uptown to still be a part of our life, he would have made a way for us to still have it. Moving on.

The wedding is still on, but we are really facing major financial issues trying to pull it off. Why not go to the court house, and call it day right? Wrong. We have invested a lot of upfront money that is non-refundable, and at this point in the show, I really want this wedding to happen at the Fernbank with my beloved dinosaurs. We are making major cut backs and cutting any corners that we can.
At times like this I feel the most humble and blessed. I have strong faith, and I believe in this union. I know at this point some of you are ready to kidnap me in my sleep to get me away from Peter, and I thank you for your concern. Again, I love Peter and want to marry him. He is not always the easiest man to deal with, but I promise you the good outweighs the bad. I know you guys only seem to see the bad lately, but there is so much love between us. Scouts honor! Remember, you guys don't get to see everything.

Anyway, the girls are in Miami on the next episode! The girls weekend will be far from peaceful, so stay tuned! As always, thanks for all the continued love and support.

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Cynthia Bailey and Miss Cindi B

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