Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride

Cynthia thinks that a tipsy "Runaway Bride" probably isn't the best marriage counselor. 

Things that made me giggle, cringe, or just left me confused:

1. Has anyone else picked up that 99% of our gatherings seem to involve wine, champagne, or a cocktail of some kind? Let's not forget Kim's pit stop to grab a beer during her morning jog! Um, can you say intervention? 

2. Who stays at the Holiday Inn?  Pretty much anyone in America (or the world for that matter) who needs a hotel room and the St. Regis is not an option.

3. Screaming like a wolf and pooping on a table. I hope I am tardy for that party.

4. Phaedra saying that no one has a job except for her? Believe it or not, modeling is a job (actually a career), and guess what? We even paid for it! Just like lawyers. How crazy is that? 

5. Curtains in the recording studio. Hmm, do you think Beyonce is requesting those?

6. Gregg thinking that Nene and I were throwing him shade. My compliment was sincere, and I honestly thought Gregg looked great. I just really wanted to laugh and have a goodtime. Buzz kill.

7. Yard sale tip: clean out your drawers before the sale. (Especially if you are a celeb). You don't want to give your customer more than they bargained for. 

8. When I told Nene in her kitchen that Gregg still loved her and her response was, "How the hell you know that?" Hilarious. I was caught so off guard with that comeback, and every time I watch it, I just crack up.  Note to self: Don't drink champagne all night and decide to be a marriage counselor, especially if your nickname is the RUNAWAY BRIDE.

9. I got goose bumps when Lawrence sang for Kandi. Glad they found each other.

10. Go ahead and say it: Noelle looks just like her dad right? I was just the vessel. 

This episode was important to me because it is the first time that you guys get to meet Noelle's father, Leon Robinson.  Noelle is without question the love of both of our lives. Unfortunately, things did not work out for us as couple, however our bond as parents is unbreakable. There is so much love and respect between us, and Leon is a wonderful father. The relationship they share is beautiful, and she is definitely "daddy's girl." We are very proud of Noelle and work hard to live up to the honor of being her parents. 

I am over whelmed with all the positive comments that I received from last week's blog. For all of those that were prepared to hate me, thanks for giving me a chance. Until next week, WATCH WHAT HAPPENS!                                                                                                    


Miss Cindi B

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