The Strength to Love

The Strength to Love

Cynthia thanks everyone who has stood by her this season.


Life is about choices. The freedom to choose what works for my life is what makes me who I am. I am strong, independent, loving, hardworking, fair, honest, and smart. I never regret the choices that I make, and I never look back. With that said, I want to say thanks to Bravo for giving me the opportunity to be a part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. This is a choice that I made, and it has been life changing. You never know what God is going to throw your way, and you should always be ready to go for it! This is my philosophy, and I live by it.

I absolutely loved my wedding! I felt beautiful and thought Peter never looked more handsome. My Noelle of course is always the highlight of all my days, rain or shine. I love you, Noelle, for always making me want to be the best mother that I can be. I also want to thank you, Peter, for taking this ride with me and not being afraid to stay true to yourself. When I walked down the aisle on our wedding day, and saw tears in your eyes, I never felt more certain of my choice. I choose you, and I am honored to be your wife.

I hope that people understand that even though our wedding is on a reality TV show, it is still our wedding. And it should have been respected as such. For all of those who felt like they needed to say mean-spirited and hurtful comments on our special day, you can rest well at night knowing that you were heard around the world, loud and clear. I hope you are pleased, job well done. I pride myself on always striving to be a class act and never compromising my integrity at someone else's expense. A joke is a joke, but being vicious for no reason is just sad. Don't forget, our kids watch the show, and we want to set good examples for them.

I am truly overwhelmed at the realization that this journey has come to an end. I want to say thank you to all of my fans that have shown me love and support along the way. This experience has been a tremendous life lesson, and I have learned a lot. I love life and all the challenges that come with it. Every decision I have ever made has led me to this very moment. I stand before you stronger and so much wiser. My character is all I have, and I will never compromise who I am and the things I stand for. Life is about choices. It is so easy to hate, but it takes a lot of strength to love. This is my life, and I am the only one that can live it. I am not perfect, I am just me. 

Thank you to my mother. You always come through for me. I'm happy, and you have no reason for worry or concern. I know that everything you do for me is because you love me. 

Thank you to my sister Malorie (who is practically my twin, we are born eleven months apart), for always being by my side. You know me better than anyone, and I treasure our sisterhood. 

Thank you to NeNe for your very generous wedding gift, it was thoughtful and sincere. And, thank you, Kandi and Joyce, I appreciate your kindness. Phaedra and Apollo, your gift was beautiful, thank you so much.

This wedding would not have possible without my amazing, talented, best friend Kithe Brewster. Thank you for giving me the wedding that I deserved despite everything. We have been friends for over 25 years, and I am blessed to have you in my life. You stuck to your vision, and the wedding could not have been more beautiful. Never stop being you, because there is no other. You are family to me, and I love you.

Tony Conway (of A Legendary Event), you are an angel. You gave me so much respect and love from the moment we met. You are a man of your word, and your character speaks volumes. It was an honor to work with you, and I look forward to doing more spectacular events together in the future. Thank you, and bless you.

Rubin Singer, if I hear one more time how beautiful my wedding dress was... You are so talented! Thank you for all you dedication and hard work. When I look at my dress, I see so much style and personality. This dress was special. I adore you.

Victor Otazu, thank you for designing my beautiful wedding ring. It is so simple but so exquisite! You are the most talented jewelry designer I know, and I am forever grateful to you.

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