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Getting Fit, The Zolciak Way's Assistant Editor selects the top three moments of Episode 2.


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I love "Team Top Chef." However, it seemed to me that was crying out for a new blog born from the genius of the editorial think tank, where we ponder such deep mysteries as, "What ever happened to the youngest Lawrence brother?" Enter "The BAM! Squad," your weekly selection of the top three Real Housewives of Atlanta moments brought to you by's Assistant Editor.

You may be thinking, "Only THREE moments? Impossible!" Yes, it will be difficult, but I promise to do my utmost to discuss the most fiercely fabulous, drama drenched, wig wearing, boo swearing moments (at least as I see it). You may also be thinking, "Umm, why are you starting with the second episode?" Good question. To be frank, I got caught up building my virtual housewife. It's more addictive than you'd think! And although my writing time was spent frantically attempting to earn enough points to purchase a Kim Zolciak wig, it was definitely worth it.


In any event, let's dive right in with this week's #3 moment: Kandi and Ne-Yo. Since I loved "Fly Above" last season, I can only imagine how good Kandi's new album is going to be with such star-studded help. But what really shocked me was how Kandi sold her previous solo career so short! Has she completely forgotten about "Don't Think I'm Not?" Don't think I have! If you need a little refresher (or just want to see some vintage Kandi), I highly recommend you check out the video. A-MAH-zing.

#2 was a difficult choice, but I think I have to dedicate it to Sheree and Lawrence's fab friendship. I am LOVING all the screen time they're getting, mostly because their conversations are out of control (in the best way possible). I offer you the following exchange:

Lawrence: This shoe is DISGUSTING

Sheree: You know I just buy the disgusting stuff, boo. That's all I buy, that's all I know!

I can only hope these two remain BBF, best boos forever (just wait, it will catch on).


And now the moment you've been waiting for...this week's #1 moment: Kim and Sweetie "running." I always wear a shiny, metallic, skintight top for working out, so I was mostly just heartened to see that I'm in good company. But besides that, I fell in love with this scene because I would really love to have Kim as my gym buddy. The run seemed to involve very little actual running and was quickly derailed by a passing beer truck. After Kim and Sweetie use their charm and an impromptu "Tardy for the Party" performance to score some free beer, Kim exclaims, "This is the best day of my life!" I'm right there with you, Kim. Getting a free bottle of what I'm fairly sure was Coors Light during a quick run through Atlanta would be my crowning achievement as well.

Now please enjoy my clip of the week thanks to our wonderful video editor:


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