A Grain of Truth

A Grain of Truth

Kandi tackles the issues of race and stereotypes on the show. 

This episode was a trip. I was so irritated when we got off the bus. It was way too much drama, which continued as we got off the bus. I know a lot of people were bothered by my saying, "I told Kim you can't talk to a black woman like that," when I was referring to Kim and NeNe's argument. I wasn't being racist, I was being real. I love Kim, but Kim loves to cuss, fuss, and name call with NeNe even though she knows that if NeNe jumps on her she's not going to fight back. So my point is, why provoke her? If somebody was screaming, calling me a b----, and pointing their finger in my face I would want to fight. Now I am in no way saying NeNe is right at all. As a matter of fact, I think NeNe purposely screams with Kim because Kim is only going to talk and not physically react. But I do love the fact that Kim is a little firecracker and never backs down, even though there's the possibility she may be choked. I wouldn't let that happen though. At one point when we were in our room, I actually had to tell Kim to shut up and calm down, because if she gets jumped on then I have to get in the middle and break it up and all hell could break loose. That wouldn't be good. 

Now let me say something about this whole race thing and stereotypes. Whenever I look at all the 'Housewives' shows, I see we perpetuate a stereotype. Atlanta has a mostly African American cast, and what do we hear about black women all the time? We have attitudes and drama. You see that on this show a lot. New Jersey has an Italian-American cast, and what is the stereotype for Italians? People say they're hot heads, people try to associate them with the mafia. And what have we seen on their show? Table flipping and Danielle's ties to shady people. How about the Beverly Hills Housewives? Most people think they're rich and plastic. well they do have a plastic surgeon, they've all had a lot of botox and lip injections, and they are definitely rich! My point is that even though we all hate to be stereotyped, sometimes there is a little truth to stereotypes at least on our show. I think that's part of the reason people watch. Some people can laugh at a stereotype of themself, and some people are offended by it.

Well enough about that. I was so caught off guard when Cynthia broke out crying after I asked her about the honey moon. I felt horrible! I didn't mean to upset her. 

Lawrence does a great impression of me. I thought that was hilarious. He really brought up everybody's spirits. The trip had a bad vibe the whole time we were in the house, because NeNe kept trying to get Cynthia to leave the whole time. She really had other things to do in Miami, so I think she was doing her best to get Cynthia to leave so she could leave without looking like the problem child. Sheree, Phaedra, Lawrence, Kim, and I went out and had fun on our own. We decided we weren't going to pout and be miserable in the house with them. Lawrence made the last night with all of us turn out much better. The bad mood went away when he started making everyone laugh. 

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