Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Kandi talks about the tour and dishes about all drama on the bus.

I haven't blogged for what feels like forever. The tour I was on with Fantasia just ended on January 1st, and now I'm back in Atlanta! So I decided to blog a little about last week's and this week's episode. Well last week's episode was interesting. A lot of people were tweeting me asking questions about why I had Kim on tour with me, how I feel about the way Kim talks to Sweetie, why I disrespected Kim (huh?), etc.

First of all after last season during our off time, a promoter paid Kim and I to do a show together and it went really well, so when it was suggested that Kim and I to do another tour together, I was cool with it. We were taping the show, and having her open up for me sounded like something fun to do.

Now as far as how Kim talks to Sweetie, I don't care. Sweetie seems to not have a problem with it. That's their relationship. They talk crazy to each other all the time, and it's no big deal to them. Sometimes she says things to Sweetie that if she said to me I'd be offended by, but hey, she's not talking to me, and Sweetie can speak up for herself if she doesn't like it.

Some of Kim's supporters were tweeting me saying that I disrespected Kim last week. How? I don't think so. Everyone knows that last season NeNe called Kim a monkey with a wig on, so I was just making a joke when they were coming up with alternate names for the Thirsty Beaver. Now my joke may not have been funny to her, but I wasn't trying to disrespect her. Also when Don Juan and Kim were going back and forth about her being risque or not because she did "The Ring Didn't Mean A Thing" while dating a married man, I tried to stay out of their disagreement. But when she said, "Poppa never cheated on me," come on now! You all know that didn't make sense. I couldn't help it. I had to say something!

Now I like to have fun, but when it comes to rehearsals and shows I'm a little more serious. At times it drove me nuts that Kim was so carefree about everything. I understand that she's new to this whole entertainment thing, but it still bugged me. This tour with Kim wasn't a major tour. It was just a promo tour of a few cities where we were performing in clubs, but the fact that it was being taped for the show made it a little stressful. I can't be around cigarette smoke like that. It makes me hoarse. I can't take it. So Kim was kind of annoying me with that. Kim and Sweetie's loudness was bothering me too. I've been on vacation with Kim and Sweetie before, but we would do some things together and then break off and do our own thing and link up later. In other words, we were able to give each other space. On this promo tour we were on most of the time we were on the bus and only in the front living area of the bus, because the crew took up the back room. Needless to say we didn't have that well needed space. I'm real laid back, but when Sweetie and Kim are together they have a lot of high energy going on. Too much for me. So at times I was aggravated. Not to mention I was just tired of the cameras at that point. So if I came off as uptight, maybe I was.

Now on last night's episode you got to see some of the real craziness of this tour. Sweetie was driving me bananas! Her and Kim always talk to each other crazy, but when she started getting snappy with me it was starting to work my nerves. I was trying to be cool, and it takes a lot to get under my skin, but she was making me want to act a fool on national TV. They cut a lot of little comments that were irritating the sh-t out of me. At the point where I jumped off the bus to snap on Sweetie, it was long overdue for me. She was trying to run to Kim to make a big deal out of a joke, and I was like first of all it was a joke and second of all what the hell is telling Kim supposed to do? Anyway... I realized that we were loud and people were outside, so I decided to just let it go and cool down. We were at the salon because the radio station in Orlando did a contest for us to stop by and meet some of the ladies who won tickets to the show and a day of pampering at the salon. The last thing I need is for the radio station to hear that I was acting crazy in front of the salon. Being politically correct is hard sometimes.

Now Kim and NeNe... Kim was irritated when she saw the interview with NeNe and Jermaine Dupri, because she didn't think NeNe should have brought up her name in that interview. I understood how she felt. They left out some footage from that Channel 11 clip of NeNe. During the clip the news anchor pulled out flowers and gave them to NeNe saying we decided to give you flowers since we're not paying you any money. That's why Kim said NeNe is an intern at 11 Alive. By them not showing the full clip from 11 Alive, it made Kim sound like she was just hating on NeNe.

Well I knew their friendship wouldn't last that long. Let's be real, if they didn't have to work together they probably wouldn't talk. Anyway that whole argument on the bus was crazy. So it all started when NeNe heard us saying something about Don Juan and Sweetie staying at the house. She was pissed because she was told it could only be us girls. So it started there and went haywire! It was all kinds of F you's, B-tches, and even the word C word was thrown out there... I was like damn! I have never heard anybody screaming so many curse words at the top of their lungs and pointing fingers without an actual physical fight happening. I wasn't surprised that NeNe jumped up at Kim. The first part of that argument was like an hour and a half. I don't see how people can argue that long. Then they calmed down for a second and started back up for another 45 minutes. That's too much.

Now the whole slave comment... My crew that was with me had already made comments to me about how Kim talks to Sweetie, and they were saying she talks to Sweetie like a dog. Now personally I would be pissed if Kim was saying some of that stuff to me, but like I said earlier, if it doesn't bother Sweetie then that's her business. I personally don't think Kim is a racist. I just think she and Sweetie are really comfortable with each other, and they get snappy with each other, but it's no big deal to them. I think everyone has a friend or relative that they can say crazy things to which they know wouldn't be cool to say to other people. By the end of that bus ride, I really did have a headache. The bus ride alone could have been a whole episode.

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