Music and Mistakes

Music and Mistakes

Kandi explains her comments about Kim's song and wishes she donated more at Sheree's event.


Okay, so I was reading some of your posts on my last blog, and I really wish I could respond to a lot of them individually, but I can't. Let me say I love your comments both good and bad. 

Well let's see. Where do I begin? Let me start with Lawrence. I am so glad that a lot of people have positive things to say about me working with him. I think he has so much potential, and I can't wait to see where he can go! Now in the studio with Lawrence you guys got a chance to see when Lawrence told me Kim also told him she didn't like the song. That's what I meant last week when I said I was mad about Kim playing the song and dogging out the record before I even finished with it. Now I saw where some of you commented saying that I shouldn't have a problem with Kim not liking the song and so on... but I want you to know that I didn't have a problem with her not liking the song, but I didn't like that she was expressing her opinions to everyone before she even told me how she felt. AND just like I tell everyone I work with, "PLEASE DON'T PLAY THE SONG BEFORE ITS DONE!" That's like me playing people her recording before she went back and fixed it or we added our thing to it. She wouldn't like that, although the show played her first recording, but that wasn't my decision. Kim is not my artist. She's a friend I'm helping out. So its kind of irritating when you're making time to help someone, and they're telling folks things behind your back how they don't like what you're doing instead of just telling me from the jump and giving me time to fix it first. Now for the people that posted saying that I purposely was trying to get Kim back by making her sing this song that I know that she couldn't sing ... YOU'RE WRONG! Irregardless of our business disagreements, I would never try to make Kim look bad. I like to try things in the studio that may not sound right when I first play around with the idea, but I keep playing around until it's right. Normally you guys wouldn't hear the songs until they're finished. So in this situation, you're hearing things in the creative process. I promise you guys are going to be surprised when it's all said and done. And if you're not, oh well, I can't win them all. 

Now let me just jump to the fundraiser that Sheree was a part of. I do truly believe that if you're going to go to a fundraiser that you're supposed to contribute way more than $20. I had brought my check book, because I knew we were supposed to donate something. When the girls said they were only going to give 20 bucks, I was thinking come on y'all! We can do better than that. I did speak up, but they were like, "Kandi don't be trying to over do it and make everybody look bad." I should've just went with gut instinct, but I just went along with the table, and now I'm looking real crazy. I don't know why, but I didn't even think they would show us discussing the donation. I should have known better, because on the 1st season of RHOA before I was on and I was just a fan of the show, I remember how it was such a big deal that none of the girls really donated money at DeShawn's fundraiser. I was thinking how that was so whack of them not to support her at all. Now look at me, I'm part of the whack crew! That's not even like me not to make a donation. People we must do better! Especially for charity. I didn't even know Sheree had to spend $1,500 on our table. I would've been heated if I was her. The four of us only giving $20 a piece is not even a 100 bucks! We SUCK for that one ... Sorry, Sheree! 

Well, I guess that's all that I have to say for now. Follow me on Twitter @Kandi. That's if you're on Twitter. Check out my store online Also every week after our episodes air I'll have a sneek peek of a new song off of my album Kandi Koated until my album releases 12-14-10. I hope y'all will support me. I put my heart into this album! Go to to check out new music. 

Oh yeah! Before I say good bye, I just wanted to tell you that everyone that's sending emails and Tweets about needing help getting into the music biz please know that I am not ignoring you. Right now I'm on tour, and I have a lot on my plate, but I will come up with something so that you can be heard. For now if you would at least put up a youtube link or video so that I can hear your song or see you perform, it would be helpful. I do not get to see all Tweets and emails, but the ones that I do see and that do have a link for, I do listen to. Normally at the end of the day when I'm on my computer I like checking out the videos people send.

Much Love, 



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