The Infamous Bet

The Infamous Bet

Kandi dishes on NeNe and Kim's reunion and her conversation with Willis McGahee.


Well we're back! Where do I start? Let me say first that I miss Lisa on the show. She didn't have a lot of drama, but her and Ed were fun to be around.

Anyway, enough of the sentimental stuff. I felt like I looked 20lbs heavier than I am. Can we say STARVATION DIET! No, just kidding, but it did make me want go on a diet watching this first episode. I thought the show was pretty funny for the most part. Kim and her counting, "1, 2,...1, 2,...1, 2,..." I'm like, really? What does counting do? I'm confused. Is that really suppose to mean anything without any action behind it? Whatever... 

Everytime I watch the show, I realize what my friends mean when they talk about my facial expressions. I had my own self laughing at the way I was looking sometimes. Kim called me out when I was looking at her wig, and I didn't even know I was doing it! 

Speaking of Kim. What's up with her and Nene and that fake "I'm so nervous to see you again" moment... 

So what did you think about Phaedra? She's so funny to me. I loved all her commentary. "Nene's not that um...lady like." Then Nene saying Phaedra's not fabulous enough to be at the party. Well I look forward to see what they have to say about each other as the season goes on.

Now back to Nene. Does she fall out with everybody or what? Wasn't Dwight her BFF for the past few years? I like Dwight a whole lot, but I'm kind of wondering how it is that he has 10k to loan to Gregg and 30k to give Sheree? That sounds kind of crazy, but maybe he did, because I've been dumb enough to loan people lots of money that I knew that I wouldn't get back...unfortunately.

OK, last thing. Willis McGahee. He's a nice guy, and I'm not allowed to say if we still date or not because of the show. They want you to "Watch What Happens" of course. What I will say is that when I told him about my bet of who can go the whole year without having sex, and then he asked me, "Does that include oral sex," I was caught so off guard! I didn't know what to say. So I just told him the truth, and that is, "No, our bet doesn't include oral sex." One of my girls started this bet at the top of this year, and we said you can do anything but intercourse. Now when I made this bet I didn't realize I would be sharing it with the world. And just because I can do everything but have intercourse doesn't mean that I'm gonna do everything with everybody, okay! I got a million tweets about that statement. 

Well until next week hit me up on twitter. @Kandi is my twitter name. Also please get my new single "Leave You" on Itunes now! 

Much Love, 



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