Breaking the Baby News

Breaking the Baby News

Kim couldn't be happier about her new baby, but she wasn't so thrilled to hear Kandi's comments.


This has been one of the biggest weeks of my life. I performed "Google Me" on WWHL for the first time and Kroy and I were happy to announce that we are expecting our first child together (my third his first)! And how great was the timing? Just a week ago, you ALL saw him on the show for the first time. God clearly had a BIGGER little plan for us. This is the third happiest time of my life, thank you for all the support. Now lets get to this week's episode. 

In all honesty this episode wasn't all that interesting, and I think you all know why ... So let me keep this short and sweet.

I had a custom wig made for Kandi for her birthday, because I thought it was a cute gift coming from me! Little did I know she wouldn't appreciate it and thought "Tardy For the Party" royalties, THAT SHE HAD RECEIVED, would be a better gift. Whatever ... If she hates the wig so much, and if it looks so "hooker-ish," than she can give it back, I'll dye it blonde and wear it. It's difficult without head measurements to make a wig, but I did the best I could with the color and size at the time, it can be re-dyed and I planned on doing that if that specific red didn't work with Kandi's skin tone. MOVING ON.

Phaedra and that baby ... Now the truth comes out! Everyone thought I was crazy when I said I have a nursing degree, but I believe I proved it. How could you lie to a group of women who ALL HAVE HAD CHILDREN? But blah blah blah. All I truly have to say is that when I deliver MY baby, you won't see me saying, "Ew gross." Another thing, Phaedra said delivering her baby was the "closest thing to death," but I believe child birth is the closest thing to living.

Well that's all for this week.


Pick up "Life & Style" magazine to see Kroy and I on the cover breaking our baby news and get all the details inside.

Sheree, NeNe, and I will be on "Ghost Hunters" December 1. 

Also "Google Me" is going to debut on iTunes sometime this week. Visit my website for more.

Thank you all for the emails, facebook post, tweets, texts, and the overall support at this very special time in my life and Kroy's. we are beyond excited, and this wouldn't be the same without ALL of you. Thank you!




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