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Kim talks Tracy, explains her friendship with NeNe, and breaks down the Dwight fight.

By Kim Zolciak-Biermann


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It's been a year and were finally back! I have missed all my fans sooo much, although I am a twitter junkie and try to stay connected, it's great to finally be able to blog again. So lets not waste anytime and get into it!

As you all know, last season Big Poppa proposed...After all that, I really reevaluated myself and my relationship with Poppa, and we decided to call it quits. It's been several months now since we split, and I've moved on, but Poppa will always be in my life.

We remain GREAT friends, and my kids and I adore him. Because I had just recently left Poppa, it was really hard letting the world know about Tracy and I. I knew it would be so controversial being with a woman. I never intended on sharing that part of my life with anyone but a few close friends, however all the media and speculation surrounding our relationship was insane. I felt like I had no other alternative but to be HONEST and OPEN with the public.

It is 2010. SO I SLEPT WITH  A WOMAN...CALL IT A DAY and KEEP IT MOVIN'! I don't go around asking people who they sleep with! What Tracy and I had was true, sincere, and NOT FOR PUBLICITY. I don't consider myself a "Media Whore," I just wanted to set the record straight. Just because I tend to get more attention in the media doesn't mean in any way that I'm a media whore, but I can't control other people's jealous ways. So MOVING ON!

I was very excited yet nervous to see Nene again. It has been such a long time since Nene and I had been able to just sit down and talk without yelling, finger pointing, or strangling (sad right?). But when I got to Nene's house and saw that Nene was also nervous too see me, it really made me feel at ease. She's trying to rebuild our friendship, and she's making an effort. Nene and I have had a blast together throughout the years, and she is a ton of fun. Our relationship has always been love/hate.

Dwight told me Greg borrowed $10,000 from him, and I told Nene not to gossip, but to inform her that her business is being told by her alleged "friend." It's none of my business to know, therefore none of Dwight's business to tell, but when you have no business of your own, you resort to talking about others and what they have going on.

It made me sad to hear that Nene and Greg are having a rough time, but I was once married, and I know that a marriage can be a lot of work. The two of them have been together for years and years so I hope they will make it through.

Although I adore and love Kandi, when she came over to my house it seemed that she felt the need to criticize all relationships having to do with "Kim Zolciak." If it wasn't Tracy, it was Nene, if it wasn't Nene, it wasn't Big Poppa, if it wasn't Big Poppa, it was my parenting, and if it wasn't my parenting, it was my damn WIG! I just wasn't in the mood to be drilled.

I understand Kandi's point of view regarding Nene, and she is right about how we go back and forth, but that's what makes "Thelma and Louise" aka "Kim and Nene!" I had told Kandi that my relationship with Tracy was something I would NEVER discuss in the media, however like I told her, "I was so tired of people speaking for me." It was a difficult and confusing time for me, but Kandi from the very beginning of Tracy and Kim had always been incredibly supportive. 

It's so crazy hearing that my daughter is dating boys and has even had her first kiss. I knew Brielle had her first kiss a couple months before, but this is television. My parents were very strict with me when it came to boys and dating. I didn't really have anyone I could talk to about it, of course my parents had the "birds and the bees" talk, but that's about it. I'm very open with my kids and we can talk about anything. I want my girls to know I'll never judge them, and I'm always here!

I was really excited that Nene invited me to a "Bi-Chic Boutique Shoe Preview." Little did we both know we were gonna see shoes I had in my closet since the summer of '09...The hell?

Dwight arrived with Phaedra. One thing led to another and Nene and Dwight began to argue. Nene gets so angry to a point where all self-control is lost.  It's a whole different side of Nene that rarely comes out, but when it does,  WATCH OUT! She holds nothing back! Dwight runs his mouth, but he can NEVER back it up.  So Nene backed his a** up into a wall! Even though she lost control, I had Nene's back and I stood by her. Loyalty is important to me, and if I were in that situation, I would want her to do the same. Like I said, "I'M JUST GLAD IT ISN'T ME THIS TIME!" Teehehe... Sorry Dwight. HA!

Until next week,


Kim Z.


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