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The Discovery Channel

Kim addresses the fight with NeNe and explains her relationship with Sweetie. 


I want to apologize to all of you who intended to watch RHOA and got stuck watching the Discovery Channel, because who other than a gorilla gets out there seat and attempts to attack someone?

The tour had been stressful on everyone, tension was rising, buttons were being pushed, but until the no-class moose got on the bus, there was honestly no drama. Sweetie and Kandi had their little tiff, but they moved on. Don Juan and I our own little disagreements, but nothing major. So it was amazing to me how one person can cause so much havoc. 

Lets rewind.

I had been on the bus for about four days when I had decided to invite NeNe to watch me perform at Orlando. I felt because she had so much going on at home with Gregg that a girls' night out in Orlando would be fun. I also wanted her to see that I had worked hard on 'The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing.' Why was I trying to impress someone who has nothing going for herself? 

NeNe had negatively dissed me to Jermaine Dupri on the set of her intern interview for a local news station here in Atlanta. Why? Why did you need to bring up my name? Kim's 32 trying to be a pop star? Yes ma'am, and I am getting paid and having a blast doing it while you're an intern. Some people know they won't get any attention unless they throw in someone else's name. I mean after all that's how she sold her book (I got a whole chapter).

So we get on the bus and head on our way down to Miami for Cynthia's bachelorette weekend and our last performance. I called my good friend Thomas and let him know we were headed his way. I informed him that Don Juan and Sweetie needed rooms as well, since we would be staying at his multi-bedroom estate and he had plenty of room. But NeNe had to open her mouth and say, "Don Juan and Sweetie can't stay!"

What? Did NeNe really think Kandi and I were just going to Kick Don Juan and Sweetie out to a hotel when there was plenty of room for them at Thomas' house? No, NeNe! It doesn't work that way. She started pointing her finger and getting loud, and I was over it. She called my assistant a "slave," and that's when she crossed the line.

For years, I have sat back and let NeNe go at me and even get physical with me, but this was the last time for me. So Kimmy came out, and Kimmy wasn't playing. I let her know what the deal was, and she didn't like it.

As soon as she got her a-- off that seat I knew it was done between us. Forever. I accepted her back into my life again, but now she's out. Fool me once shame on YOU, fool me twice shame on me! There was so much more you all didn't see, and lucky for her it wasn't aired. She has no class, self control, or morals if she thinks she could put her hands on me. She even said she would snap my neck! It's just sad. It is OK to disagree or get upset, however under no circumstances does it give you any right to get physical and put your hands on someone.

Well while she's snapping necks, I'll be writing checks. Something she only wishes she could do!

Let's talk about Sweetie. Sweetie (yes, yes, yes that is her legal name) has been with me for eleven years. We have been through a lot together: a divorce, Ariana's arrival into the world, three moves etc. She is as close to me as my brother. Now I will say that from what you see on the show, it appears as if I don't do anything for myself, but I do. Sweetie and I joke, cut up, and play around, but when it's time for business, it's business. NeNe has only been around Sweetie and I together maybe five times, so how the hell can she insuiatate anything. My relationship with Sweetie is none of her business anyway. Sweetie is a grown woman and is free to walk out my door at any time. 

Sweetie and I sit back and laugh, we are happy. Sweetie loves her job, and I love having her around. 

All in all, the three city tour was fun and exhausting... quite the learning experience. I am so grateful to Kandi for everything she has done for me and even just for asking me to join her on the tour. I must say that I have never seen Kandi that irritated before. She was very short tempered on the entire tour, and I am sure being loud and horsing around with Don Juan probably didn't help. I have been on vacations with Kandi and have had a blast, but maybe it was because we had our own rooms! 




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