A New Playa

A New Playa

Don't worry, NeNe's puppy has finally been trained!

Let me say right out of the gate how boring this episode was to me! Even I fell asleep watching. Well you guys were able to meet the newest member of our family, our beautiful puppy, Playa Leakes! I got him for my youngest son Brentt. We've never had a dog before, so it has definitely been a challenge getting him trained, but I have to tell you, he was the cutest thing walking around in the doggie diapers! You'll all be happy to know that he's trained. 

Brentt and I: My relationship with my boys means everything to me! I want my boys to know that I'm available to talk with them about anything. I may not always agree with their decision, but I will always be here for them. 

Phaedra and Apollo: I have to say Apollo came off pretty normal, but Phaedra once again was a mess, LOL! As a black woman that claims to be educated and have all this class, how can you speak so negatively about the man you chose to marry and have a child with? I'm sure you've eaten canned goods and processed meat before. Material things are all well and good, but the quality time I spend with my husband and children has meant more to me than any gift money could buy. 

Kim and Kandi in Palm Springs: Kim told sweetie to "SHUT UP" in such a nasty tone! I thought, "WOW! There has got to be something wrong with somebody that would allow their employer to speak to them with such disrespect!" 

Well let me fall on back to sleep and hope for a more exciting episode next week! 

Until next time! 

Your girl, Nene Leakes

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