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I'm the Boss!

NeNe dishes on her plastic surgery and Peter's comments about her marriage.

By Nene Leakes


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I didnt put a blog up last week! I've been incredibly busy lately, so I'm going to touch on last week and this week's episode. 

Like most incredible women, I have to hold down my children, my job, my man, and my looks! All these things I do well. The past couple of weeks the girls have talked about me having plastic surgery, which I did. Some insinuated that it had been because I was having problems in my relationship at the time. Let's be clear about one thing, most of these girls have had plastic surgery, and the one's that haven't need too! I just happen to be the brave one and didn't mine putting it all out there for the world to see. I'm a very strong woman and nothing in my life can force me to do anything I don't want to do. My decision to have surgery was solely mine. I choose Dr. David Whiteman in Duluth, Georgia because he was known for making women look natural and not plastic! The decision to have my nostrils taken in was something I've thought about for over five years! I'm so pleased, and I couldn't be happier! And if there's anything else I feel I want to do as far as plastic surgery, I will do it, because when I write the check, I'm the BOSS! 

Cynthia's Mother's Day dinner: Having dinner with the girls was cooler than I thought! So the conversation about sex came up! Kandi said it would give your man great pleasure if you put sugar in your va jay jay! It always tickles me what women think they need to do to get or keep a man, and taking advice from someone that doesn't have one is even funnier! I believe that if a man wants you, you won't have to jump through hoops to get him! 

So Cynthia's man Peter had the nerve to insinuate I was having martial problems because I wasn't open to certain things in the bedroom. How rude and disrespectful was he? One of the things that irritates me about people is ignorance! Peter obviously was thinking with his other head (and not the one on top), but I'm not surprised! Men tend to believe that sex is everything, but the foundation of my relationship is number one, NOT SEX! None of these people know what's personally going on in my life or relationship! I share with them what I want! 

Thanks for all the love and continuous support! FYI: I loved how my son Brentt sat at the table and asked the girls if they wanted to talk about the Celtic's game. LOL! He's so cute. Follow me on twitter @neneleakes, I usually tweet during our show. Love you guys!


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