Tough Love

Tough Love

NeNe shares her heartache with Brice.

Boy was this a tough episode for me! You know over the years I've learned that good friends are hard to find, and I cherish the friendships that I have. The things that make a good friendship are loyalty and trust, which are important to me. Being in this business I have found that a lot of people are around for the wrong reasons. I finally got my chance to talk with Dwight privately at Uptown Supper club where Kandi was performing. First I wanted to apologize for my behavior, which I did, and second, I wanted answers! I asked Dwight if he had said that he loaned Gregg 10k. As you saw, he said no, that Kim was lying. Then I asked what actually transpired between he and Gregg. Dwight never really gave me an answer, but I was okay with what he said because I realized in that moment that I was closing that chapter of my life. I forgave him but knew myself well enough that I wouldn't forget this. I didn't want somebody around that made me feel like I had to keep watching my back to see if they were being shady or not. I'm happy to speak to Dwight if I see him out, but friends we can never be! 

Watching me and my son just brought me to tears! I want you all to know, that I'm no different from you as a parent. I'm going through what many parents are facing today with their teenagers and young adults. As I type this blog my heart breaks and the tears won't stop flowing when I speak of my child. The love I have for my children is everlasting. You never want to see your child struggle or take the wrong path in life. I know as a young adult you make mistakes, and as a parent you want to be able to catch them when they fall, but sometimes, "The fall is better than the catch." This is where "tough love" enters the picture! When Brice was younger, I tried to give him everything and now looking back that probably wasn't the best thing, because he never had to work or earn anything. I was trying to make up for being a single parent and fill the void of an absent father. As a single mother, I did what I thought was best. I'm hopeful that one day Brice will thank me for the "tough love," because I want nothing more than to see him become a happy, healthy, successful man! Keep us in your prayers. Thank you all so much for your support! 

Nene Leakes

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