Bite Your Tongue

Bite Your Tongue

Sheree shares her shock over the spa scene.

As a I sit back and watch Tierra grow as a woman, as an adult, and most importantly as an independent person, I love what she has become and who she is. I aim to raise my kids with great morals, values, respect, and a great sense of self worth. Tierra embodies all of that! I see how hard she works and how she tries to not take the easy way, but the right way, and for that I am very proud of her. There are a ton of things that she or Damon could be getting into or doing -- not trying to work, being lazy, getting pregnant, going to jail, using drugs, surrounding themselves with the wrong crowds, expecting handouts, being ungrateful for the things she has, or just plain old being rude or disrespectful! I'm happy that Tierra chose to move back to Atlanta and that thus far she finds it important to make her own way and do the right things in life.

Tierra and Damon had this really cute apartment but never wanted to invite their friends over, because they didn't have any furniture. So I told Tierra that I would buy them a sofa so they would have somewhere to sit! As you see when we arrived at City Living, she began to point out everything but sofas! I already had in my mind that I was buying them more than a sofa and was going to plan a housewarming for them. It was a great turnout, she is truly loved by her friends and family. She really loved it, and they didn't suspect a thing! The best part for me is that she was genuinely grateful and pleased!

The Zernona treatment to me seemed like it was just another scheme to take peoples money. I've tried something similar before, and it didn't do a thing for me but take away from my wallet! But watching Kim eat pizza while getting it was hilarious! I'm all about hitting the gym and doing it the good old fashioned way. It may take a minute, but it's a lifestyle... so you have time!

The spa day with the girls was a trip to say the least! I guess it started with the friend contract that Cynthia thought no one knew about... when everyone knew about it! As you can see, I sat there shocked at the comments almost the entire time! This group certainly doesn't bite their tongues!

As I said before, this is a great season but wait, it gets better! So stay tuned!

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