Communication, Trust, and Honesty

Communication, Trust, and Honesty

Sheree tells us what she's looking for in a relationship.


On this week's episode, I couldn't attend Kim's sale because I was hosting a boot camp to raise money for a charity event that I was I involved with. I think it was a good idea to have the sale, since she has three storage units filled with things she doesn't need or use! I need to do the same!

When Kim came to my house, and I mentioned that Tye was staying at the Holiday Inn while in town visiting his kids, the part of the conversation that you didn't get was me telling her that he phoned me saying how hungry and tired he was. So I responded telling him to order room service and relax! He then replied that the hotel he was staying at didn't have room service, so he was out of luck. I then said he should go grab something and take it back to the room so he could get some rest. He then said he didn't have transportation, suggesting I come take him. He said he usually borrows one of his friend's cars when he comes to town, but he didn't this time! Okay, while that may work for some, it doesn't work for me! After driving around performing my daily errands, running to meetings and appointments, then running my kids to their everyday after school activities (football, soccer, acting, gymnastics, cross country), I'm beat! I think a grown man should not rely on others to transport him around ANY city! It would be different if we were in a serious relationship, but we're not! We are still in the learning stages. Through my years, say what you like, but I learned that I like my men to be independent in this area. So, it's not that the Holiday Inn is a bad place to be, I choose not to stay there because I like to eat when I want to, I like convenience, and I don't like to rely on others! But that's just me. 

During the conversation, Kim suggested that I leave him alone and move on, but at this point I'm trying to overlook some things that would normally be a turnoff to me. I really enjoy most of our conversations. I know communication, trust, and honesty are key to a successful relationship. Those are a few things that after time my past relationships began to lack. So this time around I want that, I need that. I'm not settling for anything less! That's not something I'm willing to compromise. So, I'm still open to getting to know who Tye is and learning more about him.  

I was happy to finally see this episode where Lawrence meets with Kandi. He has an amazing voice and is an exceptional performer. Can't wait for you guys to hear more from him.

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