Hate, Venom, and Bitterness

Hate, Venom, and Bitterness

Get Sheree's take on the dysfunctional girls' weekend.

Lets just jump right into it! These last two weeks have been full of drama, and I'm sure quite draining to watch. 

Watching the bus tour was absolutely crazy! I am happy to have been far, far, far away from that! 

As I was watching I was trying to figure out how or why the argument escalated to the level that it did. NeNe stated that she didn't like the way that Kim speaks to Sweetie, but in her next breath she turns right around to demean and belittle Sweetie by calling her a slave! OK, wow! Then there was the fact that Sweetie and Don Juan were supposed to stay at the house and that seemed to bother her more. Why?  Who cares if they stayed as long as it didn't interfere with what she had planned (if anything) for her friend Cynthia's weekend? The house certainly had enough rooms for them to stay. Or was it the fact that Kim mentioned her brief stint on the news station was only an internship?  Whatever it was, it seemed to be a lot deeper than any of those things to be able to trigger so much hate, venom, and bitterness. Just my opinion! 

We were so excited for the girls to finally arrive in Miami. I'm picturing fun, sun, and lots of laughter...NOT!  The moment they got off the bus we heard yelling and threats! The weekend continued with yelling, name calling, threats, disrespect, anger, negativity, and tension... for four days! You guys saw the very short version! Imagine what you saw and think four days of that and then some! Because of that, it turned out to be a miserable trip full of negativity and anger! Because NeNe was mad at Kim, she expected everyone else to be mad. And when we were not (because we have nothing to do with their argument) she and Cynthia pretty much separated themselves from everyone.  So, us girls tried to make the most of it. Watching her try to convince Cynthia to leave was low! Someone seemed to have forgotten who and what this trip was about. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and take yourself out of the equation. That to me was pretty selfish and pathetic. I was happy she decided to stay despite everything. After all, we were there for her and no one wanted her to leave.

I was also appalled at the way NeNe acted towards Mr. Kramer. So disrespectful and rude. Who comes into someone's home and says those things?  Really?

The producers knew Lawrence was already going to be in Miami. He would be coming over to hang out with us since he has been such a part of the show. After the constant arguing, name calling, and hatred continued throughout the first evening, I called him over early hoping he could help me bring the life back into this vacay and get people talking to each other, laughing, and smiling... mission accomplished (for a brief second)!  

Honestly, I don't think that anyone cared if Diana came to the house. But the fact that she came in with a negative attitude, being rude and argumentative towards Kim in Kim's friend's home, wasn't cool. We were all so tired of all of that already, we didn't need anyone else to add to the already present tension and anger in the house!

Since nothing seemed to have been planned for the weekend, I came up with a plan to get the girls together to workout and relieve some stress since I'm passionate about health and fitness. It worked for the moment. We laughed and had a good time. Then reality set back in I guess and it's back to the bickering, division, and tension!

For the record, I'm so happy Lawrence came and got me out of the house and helped us try to get the girls to lighten up a bit and break up some of the tension. 

The end of the trip couldn't have gotten there fast enough! Bye, Miami!

Until next time,


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