True Friends Are Hard to Find

True Friends Are Hard to Find

Sheree dishes on her love for Lawrence.

This week's show was really fun to me. Getting ready for my blind date with Lawrence was a really funny scene. I so enjoy hanging out with Lawrence. He keeps me laughing, sometimes hysterically! When he said he needed a psychiatrist because he can't stop playing in heels, omg I hollered! He's hilarious! Lawrence is not only my hairstylist, he's a true friend...and we all know true friends are so hard to come by! We have known each other for over 5 years and he's been loyal, fun, and has been cracking me up ever since we met! 

I am finally feeling a sense of peace and happiness. My divorce is final, and I'm beginning to date.  In another attempt to come out of my shell, I agreed to go on a blind date and learn how to "Chicago step."  I don't all! So that was kind of akward. I still don't know how, but I will learn one day hopefully. I admit, I was pretty hesitant about going on the blind date, but once I got there and we began to talk, it turned out to be a fun night. I received flowers, good conversation, some laughter, some dance lessons, and a card...I thought that was a good way to start!   

Kim and Sweetie making the decision to exercise was great...until they had the beer. Too funny.

The scene with Nene and Bryce was touching. Sometimes when our children are not doing the right things in life, tough love is what helps them get on the right path. We all want our kids to be the best that they can be.

It was so loud in Uptown during Kandi's performance that I really couldn't hear all of the words clearly. What I did hear, I liked. I wish her continued success on her new album. 

Lastly, let me state that I do not think that Apollo is gay. I wish he and Phaedra a happy marriage.   

Until next week,



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