Boom in the Tomb

Boom in the Tomb

Episode 9:'s Assistant Editor counts down this week's top three moments.

No. 3 - Lucky Sevens

So NeNe and Marlo finally sat down to hash out all the rumors regarding NeNe's relationship with Charles Grant. Perhaps surprisingly, it was a perfectly polite conversation. NeNe went on a date with him once in the past before he was with Marlo. Nothing came of it. Now he's with Marlo. Case closed. 

However things took a rather unexpected turn when Marlo put out there as a side note that she's been arrested seven times. I have to say I had the same reaction as NeNe -- "Say what now?" Don't get me wrong, the past is the past so no big deal. It was just that her delivery was so non-chalant. It wasn't as if they were sharing past secrets or playing truth or dare. But hey it didn't stop Marlo and NeNe from becoming BFF and attending that Captain Planet charity jewelry auction (yes, you read that right) together, so I suppose pre-emptive honesty may be the best policy. 

No. 2 - Shakes by Sheree

We've seen Kim's various attempts to stay in shape before. Last season there was the jog with Sweetie that ended in trying to score free beers off some delivery men and of course the infamous laser pizza incident. Now Sheree has stepped in to try and whip Kim into shape. Unfortunately not even she can conquer Kim's aversion to semi-taxing physical fitness or health food. Kim's attitude towards the whole experience (and Sheree's signature juices) can be summed up by this photo. 


Let's just say kale and Kim do not mix.

No. 1 - Boom in the Tomb

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that Phaedra's convinced Apollo to get on board with her funeral business. I'm not sure why he would want to get in the way of what would certainly be the most fabulous funeral home the world has ever seen. And really how could you say no to Phaedra after she flashes that coy smile and talks about "putting the boom in the tomb" and making "the top hat rock." Honestly I'm not sure if those were meant to be sexually suggestive statements on her part, but hey, it worked. I can only hope we get to see Phaedra applying rhinestones to a corpse's eyelashes at some point this season. 

Next week Mama Joyce attempts to do the impossible -- get Kim and NeNe to talk to eachother. Can she convince them to break the silence?

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