Episode 5:'s Assistant Editor counts down the top three moments.

No. 3 - Rumor Has It

This Charles Grant is an interesting fellow. The big Atlanta scandal of the season seems to be that he and NeNe dated or had some sort of relationship. While the ladies all allude to it and bring it up via clever insinuations etc, Charles just puts it all out there. We went on one date and she was too into herself. Boom! No beating around the bush. You've got to love the juxtaposition of Housewives with straight guys.

I was a bit confused by his girlfriend, Marlo. Charles recounts this story and the whole time she stays silent and looks kind of dazed. Was that the first time she had heard about it? Or was she just distracted by how hot it was at the bar?

P.S. What does a "done dollar" mean? No. 2 - Bob Wet-field

I know, I know bad joke. I couldn't resist. So Sheree has moved on from getting "some seven figures" to simply trying to get her child support. Like Phaedra I was shocked to hear that her ex, Bob Whitfield, hadn't been paying up. Especially since Sheree isn't exactly a pushover. She'll check any boo to get that check! All I can say is that if she does end up bringing him to court, I hope that no one gives her a beverage of any kind. No. 1 - Over the River and Through the Hood

I love watching Sheree and Lawrence hang out. They could go food shooping together and it would be hilarious. So of course seeing them drive through "the hood" together for Peter's party was ridiculous. If only I could have been a fly on the wall (or just the camera guy). I think it's clear that Sheree and Lawrence need to take a road trip across America. The show could be called Who Gonna Check Us, America? or something along those lines. Next week we get to meet one of Cynthia's exes -- Russell Simmons.

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