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Behind Bedroom Kandi

Kandi reveals how she became inspired to create an adult toy line.

By Kandi Burruss Tucker

Well we’re back!  Every time a new season begins I always get this nervous feeling from wondering whether I’m going to look crazy on television, but luckily I’m on a show with a bunch of other crazy women to offset my own craziness!

This year we all had a lot going on. Kim has her new baby, Cynthia’s opening her modeling school, Phaedra’s going into the funeral home business, and of course I have my Bedroom Kandi business. I guess Phaedra’s funerals and my Bedroom Kandi seem to be the strangest to people, because they are totally outside of the scope of what we are known for.  Let me say first off that I’m not leaving the music business to only pursue and promote Bedroom Kandi. I just firmly believe that to gain and maintain financial wealth you should have multiple business ventures and investments. 
The way Bedroom Kandi came about was that for the past year and a half I’ve been doing my online talk show about sex and relationships called Kandi Koated Nights. Last year I was invited to Dr. Laura Berman’s  (the sex and relationship therapist who has frequently appeared on Oprah) radio show for an interview.  While I was there, I saw that she had her own adult toy line. I thought “Wow, that’s pretty cool and different.” At that point I started doing research about the business and from that came Bedroom Kandi! Most women I know have or have had a vibrator at some point. If they haven’t then they need to go get one! The fact is that about 70% of women have never reached an orgasm from vaginal intercourse. We need to explore our own bodies to know what’s going on down there. People can be very uptight when the conversation of sex comes up, but it’s really good to have these conversations, because somewhere some woman has been wondering what is wrong with her and why doesn’t she have “the big O feeling” that she’s heard so much about. My mom says that women still have the same feelings in her 60s as they do at 20 and 30. So I don’t think having a toy is just good for young women, I believe it’s great for grown women of all ages. I won’t keep going on about it, but please check out my website for more info.
Now on to the other girls… I think it’s wonderful that Kim has a great man in her life and a beautiful new baby. There’s not much to say about it other than I’m glad she’s living the dream, and I’m happy for her.

Cynthia is really taking charge of her life. It’s great that she’s going after a new challenge and making it happen! Opening a modeling school was a perfect idea.

Phaedra is my girl, and she is so funny with me. She keeps me laughing all the time! Deciding to open a funeral home was genius. First of all there’s so much money to be made in that business and technically she should never have to worry about running out of potential clients… Second, the fact is that Phaedra is a person that pays attention to detail. So I know that she will make every family that she works with happy with her work. Not everyone can do that type of business, but I’m sure she will make it do what it do, baby!
As for NeNe and Sheree, this episode didn’t focus on their personal business or goals, which I’m sure we’ll see in the future. On this episode they were the main event with their drama, which helped set off the season. Because let’s keep it real, we all love to see a little drama.  And since we don’t get to see the episodes until they come out each week and we don’t know what we all have said or not said while we’re not around each other, I’m just as excited to see the next episode as you are! Stay tuned.

Much Love,

P.S. follow me on Twitter @Kandi and check out my websites

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