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No Hate

Kandi doesn't think she was playing both sides or being a hater.

By Kandi Burruss Tucker

OK, I had to go back and fast forward this episode to Kim’s birthday to see where I was allegedly “hating” and “playing both sides” as NeNe says. After re-watching it I have to ask, what the hell were y’all watching where you hear me hating on her or playing both sides?

First off I don’t say anything about either one of them behind their backs that I won’t say to them in person, and I’ve never said anything about either one of them that wasn’t true. You can automatically cut the playing both sides conversation short and kill all the comments about me carrying bones. I did not say anything negative about Cynthia or NeNe. When Kim asked me about the trip I said it was cool and to end any more conversations about the trip I made the joke, “The one thing that I can say to y’all is that she’s rich now.” That was the on-going joke ever since NeNe and Sheree had that argument, so it wasn’t a big deal. I even said something to NeNe about the “I’m rich” comment when I was with her in Miami, so it’s not like I didn’t make a joke of it in front of her.  I’ve never tried to make NeNe feel like I wasn’t cool with the other girls. So clearly she knew that I would continue to hang out with them when I got back. NeNe and I have never been that close. We don’t call each other and have girl talk. Did everyone forget that NeNe and I had a blow up on my first season?  She and I started out on the wrong foot. I almost didn’t want to go to Miami because I knew she and I aren’t that cool. I decided to go, because I needed a getaway and I figured it couldn’t be that bad. How is she playing victim right now?

Let’s address this hating comment. Some people say you are a hater just because they don’t like what you have to say. I always have conversations with my friends about being careful with your money. That is not hating. That is called looking out for people and passing on what I’ve learned. Being in the industry as long as I have has allowed me to see the mistakes of others who have made a lot of money but over extended themselves and not thought about the possibility that they may not continue to make that same money forever. I’ve seen people who were way more successful than me have their houses foreclosed and cars repossessed, because they acted as though the money would never stop. I have had conversations with Kim the same way I talked to NeNe about being more careful with finances.  Kim didn’t think I was hating. She may or may not take my advice, but she didn’t say I was hating on her.

Some people love to have friends who just stroke their egos and encourage them to buy the big houses and the most expensive cars, but when times get hard and you need help, they’re not going to pay for a damn thing. They’ll sit up and enjoy the ride with you, but when the money train stops, they’ll be on to the next. People need to stop using the term hater so loosely. For anyone to suggest I’m hating on NeNe would mean that she had something I could be jealous about or felt the need to hate on. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that NeNe has that I want or can’t buy if I wanted to. I have my own lane and I stay in it. She doesn’t do what I do. What I do for a living is not even in her job description. We are not in competition. There’s no way you can even compare us. I saw a comment where NeNe stated she was the most successful out of all of us. She couldn’t have been referring to me. Please, let’s not make it a pissing contest of who’s more successful, because we definitely don’t want to start listing credits. I don’t even want to do you like that. That would be petty anyway. I love commending other women when they’re making big things happen.  So I’m not sure why she thinks I don’t want to see her doing well. I made comments about financial planning because I want her to continue to do well, even when she’s no longer on this show. As a matter of fact I want all the ladies in our circle to do well and that is the truth!

Much love,

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