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What a Difference a Year Makes

Kim still can't believe how much her life has changed since last season.

By Kim Zolciak-Biermann

It's been a long summer of filming, but we're back! I want to start off by saying I appreciate all of the love I've been getting since Season 3 ended! All of your tweets and Facebook posts really got me through this season! So with that being said, let’s jump right into Episode 1!
I can't stress any more than I already have about how life can change in just one year. I wouldn't have guessed in a million years that I would be so in love, pregnant, getting ready to move into my dream home, and now be officially engaged! Last year, you all witnessed Kroy and I meeting for the first time, and ever since then my life has been a dream. I couldn't have asked for a better soul mate. He's a wonderful father and most of all he makes me and the girls so happy.
As you all saw, I'm getting ready to move into a new home. Living in a three bedroom townhouse just wasn't going to work any longer since I'm about to give birth to my son. And besides, I was so ready to get my stuff out of storage. My belongings have been there for five years. I can't wait for you all to see more about our BIG move! (It could have been a show in itself.) Kandi is doing a sex toy line: SHOCKING! I mean we all know Kandi loves anything having to do with sex, so why not? I think it's a great idea and I support her all the way! And the idea of having a music-based vibrator is golden. Just imagine: "Don't be tardy (buzz) for the party (buzz)." Love it!
Now let's talk about this whole NeNe and Sheree ordeal. Sheree reached out to let her know that Diddy was hosting an event and wanted us to host as well. Sheree, being the kind-hearted person she is, invited NeNe also. As celebrities we all have fee's that we charge to do any kind of appearance, and Tyrone (the promoter) knew their fee and accepted. So it was a deal. NeNe, being the money hungry woman she is, went behind her back and called Tyrone saying that Sheree is boring and they should just pay her more! In the end, Sheree did the appearance, made her money, and everyone went on with their lives. At the end of the day, Sheree caught her in a lie and NeNe went crying and running to Cynthia. Seemed to me that it was all for show! NeNe is so money hungry and she's constantly trying to present a life that she really doesn’t live! If NeNe is such a "rich bitch" like she says she is, why would she have tried to take money from Sheree? She is on this episode bragging about how she is writing a check in cash for her son’s new car and that "ching ching ching, her haters should be mad."
Well when I wrote a cash check for my car on Episode 1 of Season 1, did you see me going around talking about how "rich" I am? No! In fact I was incredibly thankful I was able to do that. People who truly have money don't need to go around talking about it. God can take it from you as quick as he gave it to you, and people need to remember that!
Over the years I've learned being rich doesn't really have anything to do with money. That's being wealthy. Being rich in life is what she's aspiring to, and that requires having things money can't buy. Thing like happiness, health, family, etc. And if NeNe is rich, then I'd rather be broke.

Until next week,

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