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Episode 11:'s Assistant Editor counts down this week's top three moments.

No. 3 - Friends in High Platforms

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Maybe it's just me, but did NeNe and Marlo's friendship seem rather unexpected? In any event, mazel to them! And truth be told, when NeNe explains all their similarities, it kind of all makes sense. They both love shoes. They're both 5'10''. When NeNe walks into a room, she owns it. When Marlo walks into a room, she ALMOST owns it. So I guess Marlo is like her little sister. A NeNe in training if you will. And who doesn't love a friend who just doles out designer handbags?

The other girls better play nicely with these ladies, because two 5'10'' divas in Louboutins are a force to be reckoned with, especially given moment No. 2...

Marlo's House Tour
No. 2 - Surprise!

NeNe's new BFF came into her life just in time. NeNe needed some more backup on the Africa trip, so why not bring Marlo? If they walk into this trip together, they'll most certainly own it. However I guess NeNe just forgot to alert anyone else that Marlo was coming. Oops. But seriously that's a big deal, because when you add another person to a group trip, you can completely change the dynamic. And given Kandi and Sheree's reactions, I have a feeling it may not be a change for the better. 

Maybe that uneasy feeling Kandi had about the trip was actually a premonition. Is she the new Allison DuBois? Get her an electric cigarette!

Preparing for Africa
No. 1 - Manne-Kim

Kim's get skinny quick schemes are probably one of my favorite things about this show. Where does she even find out about these things? While the laser pizza incident last season can probably never be topped, Kim's mummy wrap is certainly a close second. I really don't quite get how being wrapped in gauze for an hour is supposed to make you lose weight, but evidently it worked. The best part by far was when Kim was bouncing on the trampoline and then it would cut to Kandi hurling giant tires around with her trainer. I have to say if it's a choice between being ensconced in bandages or lifting tires with Kandi's scary trainer, I'd take the wrap route.

Kim's Non-Work Out Work Out
Next week in perhaps the most unexpected twist of the season, NeNe plays peacemaker when Sheree and Marlo go off on one another. Will wonders never cease? 
Marlo and Sheree are Not Friends
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