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Phaedra discusses everyone's varied business ventures.

By Phaedra Parks

After watching Episode 1, a strong theme immediately came to mind: evolution. Merriam-Webster defines evolution as, “a process of change in a certain direction.” Life is evolution because it constantly presents each of us with challenges as well as opportunities. As we grow, we inevitably evolve. In this episode, evolution is evident as businesses are envisioned, love blossoms, and a friendship deteriorates.

During this episode, my great aunt passes away following an extended illness. As I planned her funeral, I realized that mortuary science is truly a ministry.  I have always been fascinated by the funeral business. However, following my aunt’s funeral service I realized that it was more than mere intrigue, I am passionate about funerals -- I know it is my calling. In this episode, we see several business ideas evolve; Kandi, Cynthia, and myself all expand our brands to encompass our newfound endeavors. Kandi, similar to myself, prides herself in being a businesswoman and having her hands in numerous pots. Her idea of including a personal adult luxury line to her empire is brilliant. She is intelligent, business savvy, and always focused on success. While some might see the adult luxury industry as uncouth, none of us can deny that anything related to sex sells. According to CNBC it estimated that the sex toy business is a $15 billion dollar industry ( Sex Toy Sell Surge 21 July 2011). Cynthia, on the other hand, builds off her skills as a model and opens a school to pass along her knowledge. She is determined to help young models learn the entire process of building a career in the world of fashion. Love blossoms as Kroy and Kim prepare to become new parents. She ventures into a new stage of her life as she moves into her dream home with her dream mate, Kroy. While her daughters face the dilemma of adjusting to their new sibling, Kim remains confident that a new addition will only strengthen the bonds of her family.

Unfortunately, some evolution leads to the deterioration of friendships, as evidenced by NeNe and Sheree’s argument. Sheree and NeNe both feel betrayed after a business deal goes awry. As both head in their separate ways, NeNe and Sheree find themselves digging up pieces of their past as their argument escalates. While NeNe confides in Cynthia for comfort, both ladies set their mindset as being “over it.” The beauty of life is that it is imperfect and evolves. As Oliver Wendell Holmes so eloquently stated, "The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving." This season will show us all evolving please join us for our journey of change and exploration.

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