Wig Washing 101

Wig Washing 101

Episode 7: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor counts down the top three moments.

No. 3 - Contemptible Contempt

Sheree's showdown with Bob in court was, well, anti-climactic. Who knew Bob Whitfield would pull out a trump card like that? It was evidently a pretty crafty move defending himself and then postponing the hearing with a petition for contempt. While this scene was mostly just sad and disheartening (especially when Bob stuck his tongue out at Sheree when they were leaving the building), I did love the face Phaedra made at the beginning of the proceedings when she asked Sheree if she had spoken to Bob at all and she said no. And while Bob may have won the battle, Sheree will certainly win the war with Phaedra on her side.

No. 2 - Who Gonna Judge Me, Boo?

Thank goodness Sheree had Phaedra's expert guidance when selecting an outfit to wear to court. If it were up to Sheree, she would have rolled in there in Louboutins and a Gucci suit. But Phaedra felt that might not win Sheree any points in the "I need child support" department.

Phaedra also had to convince Sheree not to wear anything that exposed too much "donkey action" (which may be my new favorite phrase). According to Phaedra that behind of hers would just distract the judge from the case because "that thing is a monster."

No. 1 - Wig Washing 101

What can I say, I'm a sucker for anything involving Kim and her wigs. Tonight we received a riveting lesson on wig maintenance. Human hair wigs need to be washed every now and again just like your own hair. However Sweetie takes it to the next level by adding a thin coat of olive oil to each one after they've been washed. This must be the secret to how Kim keeps her long locks so luscious! However I have to say I was pretty nervous to see Kim lay her olive oil coated wigs out to dry right in front of an open flame. I mean really, is there anything worse than the smell of burnt hair? Next week NeNe and Kim are brought together for the first time since Cynthia's wedding. Hopefully no one will be popping eyeballs out of anyone's head.

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