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B.A.P.S. Gets Real - Ep 20's Associate Editor thinks Porsha's B.A.P.S. outfit was the best costume of the evening.

By Andrew Herrmann

No. 3 - Meet Phaedra Sparks

Lawyer, mortician, workout guru, and now...stun gun maven? Yep, Phaedra's ever expanding (and always surprising) empire is growing to include feminine stun guns. The name of her shocking new product? Phaedra Sparks. Just for the name alone, I'd probably order one.

Now Kandi pointed out the similarities between Phaedra's stun guns and her sex toys, and that made me just a bit concerned -- what if you have both and mix them up by mistake? It sounds like Phaedra is hoping to make them small, discrete, and ladylike, just like Bedroom Kandi. Sounds like a recipe for disaster...

Side Note: Housewives having tasers is also generally a very scary idea. I hope Andy confiscated Phaedra Sparks before the reunion!

Stun Guns for the Ladies
No. 2 - Foxy Brown vs. Dorothy Dandridge

Who would have thought we'd see the day when these two icons tussled? (But seriously, did you really believe the season would end without one final Kenya/Porsha throwdown?) And to think it was all over a B.A.P.S. costume (more on that later).

Was Kenya wrong to kick Porsha out? (We have seen people be turned away from other events this season.) I'll leave that for you to decide. It was however interesting to watch the other ladies rally around Porsha, basically forcing Kenya to allow her back into the party -- it's so rare to see a moment of Housewives solidarity!

But the real notable moment of this scene was by far Porsha's mention of Kenya's "malice content." Is it just me or does that sound like a new Law and Order spinoff?
Kenya Kicks Porsha Out
No. 1 - B.A.P.S. Gets Real

The biggest tragedy of this episode was that Porsha did not wear that B.A.P.S. costume she put together. It. Was. Incredible. I understand that she felt being assigned Halle Berry in B.A.P.S. was a little bit of a dig, but when your costume is that awesome, WHO CARES?

And it wasn't even just the finished product that was good, the first incarnation she tried on was just as hilarious. She could have stolen the whole party by doing an outfit change midway through. Imagine that! Personally I think that would have been a better way to get revenge on Kenya -- by having the most show-stealing B.A.P.S. outfits the world has ever seen.
Classy, Sweet, and a Little Ratchet
Next week it's reunion time! And if you haven't seen the preview of the reunion below, do yourself a favor and watch it now. I think Kenya's fan might be the M.V.P. of the Season 5 reunion...
The Atlanta Reunion Begins

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