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Chef Roble, Genitalia Expert - Ep 15's Associate Editor thinks it must be awkward to eat mussels with Roble.

By Andrew Herrmann

No. 3 - Cynthia and Kenya, BFFs?

I think everyone was pretty shocked (including NeNe) that Cynthia agreed to have Kenya be a judge at her pageant. What would happen if one of the contestants flashed some coochie crack? Would Kenya disqualify them? Would security be called? Evidently Cynthia was not concerned now that she and Kenya have moved past their previous altercations. Hmm, do I sense some possible friend envy on the horizon for NeNe and Kenya?

It's just a shame that 'Gone with the Wind Fabulous' was not yet a thing, because it would have made for a delightful halftime show.

Side note: I think NeNe needs to make the Miss BooBoo pageant happen.

Judge Kenya Again?
No. 2 - #PageantGirlProblems

As anyone who's seen an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras knows, pageants are elaborate affairs. The amount of outfits, makeup, etc. that just one contestant alone needs is crazy. So when Cynthia decided to create and host a pageant, it seemed an ambitious undertaking to say the least. As any good queen would know, it's all in the details, and for a first time host, there were bound to be a few bumps in the road.

When Cynthia went to pick up her co-host Boris and he was dressed to go sip mojitos poolside, I think everyone simultaneously got real nervous about this pageant. Cynthia was worried it was a sign, and, well, there were definitely some awkward moments between misreading the names and when she said they were having an intermission and then ran back out to say just kidding. In the end Cynthia pulled it off, and next time she'll hopefully work out the kinks.
The Pageant is Happening!
No. 1 - Chef Roble, Genitalia Expert

It's great when old friends stop by unexpectedly, so imagine my surprise when Chef Roble showed up at Chez Phaedra. It's been too long since we've seen him (and his crazy cooking skills)!

So what exactly was he doing in the ATL? Evidently Phaedra wanted to throw an intimate couples dinner featuring some appetizing and adventurous aphrodisiacs. (Naturally of course the only other couple was Kandi and Todd.) The main course at this sexual soiree was mussels. Why you ask? Because even though they aren't an aphrodisiac,  all Roble thinks about when he sees them is vagina. Or labia majora to be scientific, which Phaedra is a big proponent of: "It's always nice to hear someone who's educated on genitalia, so I'm very proud that he's using the correct words and not street jargon." I can only hope that she makes Apollo talk dirty to her using scientific terminology.
Phaedra's Kitchen Belongs to Chef Roble
Next week NeNe's got some serious beef with all the ladies when they show up hours late to her home. All I can say is brace for impact...
Old NeNe Returns

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