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Accepting Phaedra's Apology

Cynthia shares her thoughts on the resolution of the butt dial scandal (and Phaedra's flowers).

By Cynthia Bailey

NeNe and Gregg

Peter and I were excited to see NeNe and Gregg back together. They are apparently working through their issues, and we have never seen them so full of joy! I think their time apart gave them time to miss each other and realize that divorce may not be the answer to their problems. I hope they work it out, because I love them together. They are the happiest divorced people I know!

Renewing Wedding Vows

Why is it the more you say that you don't like surprises, all people want to do is come up with ways to surprise you! To be continued...

Lunch with Kandi

I had lunch with Kandi to invite her and her new man to Anguilla. I was kind of surprised when NeNe's name came up. I was not around when NeNe and Kandi first met, but it is clear that they did not hit it off, and there are some unresolved issues there. NeNe has told me there is a disconnect between them, but has never has really said much else. Kandi says that NeNe has motives and befriends people for a reason. I have no idea what's going on.

Meeting Porsha

I enjoyed meeting Porsha. None of the other ladies seemed to know her, and I had no expectations. She was warm, friendly, and very chatty. I liked her right away, because she just seemed really sweet. I am very familiar with her family's charity Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless, and I love that she is so involved. Giving back to those who are less fortunate shows great character and is the right thing to do. I was surprised when she made the 265 days of the year slip, but thought it would be rude to interrupt her speech to correct her. It was an honest mistake.

265 Days of the Year
Phaedra's Apology

I thought it was big of Phaedra to finally admit to the BUTT dial! It was thoughtful of her to take the time to grab me a beautiful bouquet of flowers (about her height!) to go with her apology. I was glad we were able to deal with the situation like women before a mole hill became a mountain! I felt like her apology was sincere, and I accepted it.

Bye, Kim!
Kim Flakes and Everyone Shakes

Tune in next week to RHOA at 9pm on Bravo. I appreciate and love you guys!
Fury and Furor

Cynthia Bailey

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @cynthiabailey10.

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