What's Bo Hog Root?

What's Bo Hog Root?

Kandi gives you the 411 on what her Uncle Robert was talking about.

Hello everyone! What did you think of our newest Housewife? I was a little bothered when Porsha named me amongst people who just show up and take pics. I've donated time and money to many charities. There have been times when people asked me to just show up and help them get more people to come out to their charity events, but that's not the norm for me. Well, I won't take it personally, because at the time she said that Porsha and I had never met.

Anyway, my Uncle Robert is sooo hilarious. The conversation got way deeper and funnier than you guys even got to hear. He started telling me that I need to buy Bo Hog root for Todd. Bo Hog root? Todd doesn't need any roots. His root works great thank you very much! LOL! Everyone was tweeting me asking what Bo Hog root was. I really don't know, but my Uncle says it’s some root that really exists that is supposedly "better than Viagra"... So he says.

One last thought about this week's episode. Why did they show a close up of Kenya's feet? That was just wrong.

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