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Phaedra's Lies

Kenya was shocked by some of the things Phaedra said about her.

By Kenya Moore


When Apollo asked Phaedra what will happen to our friendship if we can’t work together, Phaedra’s response was, “Well the good thing is we haven’t been friends that long.”  That says it all. She didn’t say I’d hate for that to happen and hope that business would not interfere with our relationship. Or, I value Kenya’s friendship, etc. Her heartless answer shows she could not care less about me or our so-called friendship. I thought the world of her and only wanted to please her. Regrettably, I moved forward without a contract in hopes of impressing her with my production expertise, passion, ideas, and specialized skill set and was shocked and appalled when she turned on me after learning of my own video plans when she refused to pay me.

As Cynthia noted, she, NeNe, and Kim all have competing wines. There is no need to act like crabs in a barrel and Phaedra does not hold the copyright to all fitness videos. Whether or not Phaedra thinks I stole her idea or not gives her no right to attack or demean me. This is where she crossed an unforgivable line.  Phaedra stated that I “drink like a fish, I was drunk, my booty is fake, and I’m bipolar.” ALL BOLDFACE LIES!

-I’ve NEVER been drunk a day in my life! This is so absurd and hateful it’s laughable.

-My behind is REAL. I work hard for this body and it’s built from sweat and dedication to fitness, not a plastic surgeon’s scalpel.

-I have no mental disorder or chemical imbalance and have never been diagnosed with nor taken any anti-psychotic medications. Furthermore, there are people who greatly suffer from these serious life threatening illness, and shame on Phaedra for making a mockery of mental illness. I was perfectly fine before the business deal. Now I’m the alcoholic devil’s sister mental patient with Barbie doll parts! THE REAL PHAEDRA IS REVEALED! Phaedra’s wretched and reckless character assassination is the most horrendous, despicable, and hateful act anyone who ever called themselves a friend or foe can do. Phaedra is literally trying to malign my personhood, character, and business in one fell swoop. Any competent attorney knows asserting negative and false opinions as facts is actionable for a defamation of character and slander lawsuit.


Phaedra says I am the “devil’s sister” so I guess that makes her the devil himself.  Through all of my hurt feelings I still never said one negative statement about Phaedra. NOT ONE. This is about a business deal we could not come to terms on because she did not want to pay me for a deal that would have given her $30,000 upfront. In fact, I only asked for “backend” which is based on POTENTIAL profits. Therefore, if she never made a profit, I would have never seen a 10%. But she wins upfront with a $30,000 advance that pays for my $30,000 production budget. This was an unconscionable bad decision on her part. Clearly, one of many to come.

Phaedra and Kenya: Booty to Booty
Phaedra refers to me as being a “D-Lister” yet, this D-List producer secured a distribution deal for her with the #1 company in the world. This D-lister got her a deal with a phone call and a pitch and successfully would have paid for her video in its entirety. This D-lister was able to get my own video shot and distributed on the laurels of my reputation alone.  Phaedra failed to do all of the above. She used a production company in Los Angeles who had experience, but didn’t have enough influence to get any proposal to cover her production cost nor secure a worldwide distribution deal. However, I, the D-lister, did that with my eyes closed. So who is the D-Lister now?


As a businesswoman with an offer on the table potentially worth hundreds of thousands, I was not going to tuck my “tail” between my legs and walk away, which is why I decided to move forward with my own fitness video. Let’s be crystal clear... I’ve worked out my entire life, and as seen on our show, I exercise 5-6 days a week and have perfected a routine that actually works. My video is not a gimmick, like Phaedra’s, and it’s not only to build-a-booty. No one wants a “big booty” alone. I think Phaedra is an attractive woman with amazing skin and a big bright smile. However, in my personal opinion, she needs a workout and proper nutritional plan that in conjunction will help tighten and tone persistent problem areas all women suffer from including myself. She was born with a “donkey booty” but a good body, not just a booty, consists of overall symmetry. I’m happy to provide a fast fat burning diet with my workout to ensure women have all the tools they need to achieve their personal physical goals that will surely make them more confident. There’s nothing more beautiful than a confident woman.

Our research indicates that most women want a whole body workout that can flatten their stomachs, tone their legs, tighten their waists, firm their arms and round and lift their behinds. My workout will offer my specialized and focused routines. My dedication to fitness is proven over 20 years and I’m happy to be given an opportunity to share my secrets with other women who have admired my body. I believe I can truly help others get healthy and I plan to do more workout videos. God has a plan and sometimes you don’t see it. I’ve been given this opportunity and will not question it.


We are all businesswomen (most of us) who deserve respect for our efforts alone. I wish Phaedra well in her many erratic endeavors. However, shady Phae Phae will have to answer to the hate and lies she has been spreading about me. You will not want to miss the next episode. DON’T GET STUPID AND I WON’T GET CRAZY!
Things Get Ugly in Atlanta

I’m so excited for this week. I’m celebrating my 42nd birthday January 24, 2012. This is truly one of the best times in my life. Thank you for all the love and support.

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