Phaedra's Busted!

Phaedra's Busted!

NeNe was surprised to hear what Phaedra had to say about Cynthia.

I hope you guys enjoyed the episode last night, but if you’re anything like me, when a certain someone pops on the screen, I turn the volume down because of all the vulgarity, sex talk, and f-bombs that are constantly being dropped!

My Lunch with Cynthia: I have always believed it's not what you say, but how you say it! I love comedy, and I love being comedic. As you know, I'm one of the stars of the hit new comedy series The New Normal. I have watched most of these ladies say some really nasty things from their gut about me, but you know what, I’ve learned how to brush it off and laugh at them. I can be beat at a few things, but my comedic timing and the lyrics that come out of this mouth are unbeatable! I just had to tell my girl Cynthia about the always nasty and bitter attitudes of Kim and Sweetie at my event, but you have to admit, those faces I made were priceless! We really burst out laughing hard that day! That's what meeting up with your girlfriend is all about.

Phaedra's Butt Dial: Lots of things happened at my success event, one of which was Phaedra accidentally dialing a friend of mine while she was gossiping on another phone conversation. So it went like this: Phaedra said Cynthia told her she was going out of town and wouldn't be able to make the party, but she didn't give a f--- if Cynthia came or not. Now you know I was going to tell my girl Cynthia that! There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Cynthia and I are friends till the end! Those words coming out of Phaedra's mouth about Cynthia seemed harsh to me considering Cynthia had supported Phaedra many times at other things she had done. It's always so interesting to me how people put on airs to try and convince people they are one way when really they are totally the opposite of that! It must be exhausting to live a lie day after day, but I have to tell you, it was classic how Phaedra wiggles her way out of it. Everybody knows you are BUSTED!

Stay fierce and fabulous!


P.S. The New Normal has been nominated for a People’s Choice Award for best NEW comedy series. Please vote for us here!

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Kisses, darling!
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