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NeNe Crossed the Line

Cynthia was shocked to hear some of the things NeNe had to say about Peter.

By Cynthia Bailey

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another drama filled episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! Let’s jump right on in!


Yes my husband Peter turned 53 on his birthday. If I do say so myself, my man wears his age extremely well. Peter is always surprising me, so I decided to give him a taste of his own coconut water and surprise him with a Jamaican themed birthday party! After all the drama at Pillow Talk, spa day, and Kenya's charity event, I thought this would be a fun soirée for everyone to take a chill pill and wash it down with glass of delicious rum punch. Ya maan! You know what I mean? Good vibes! A "don’t worry, be happy" kind of night. Although there was still some tension between me and NeNe, Peter and NeNe, and Kenya and NeNe, I was still very excited to try to bring everyone together to let bygones be bygones and just have a good ol' time.


I was a little upset with Peter the next morning (after Kenya's event) for confronting NeNe (although she actually confronted him), because I did not think it was the right time to talk. The night had already taken a turn for the worst, and I didn't see the point in trying to fix something that was already broken. Had NeNe not gotten out of her car, walked over to Peter, and initiated the conversation with Peter, there would not have been a reason for him to be in her face acting like a bitch, right? It was pretty clear that his conversation was directed to me. So I don't know who the monster was that was waiting at the top of the hill, because the only thing that Peter was waiting for was his car to leave.THE B WORD

I am beyond offended and embarrassed that one of my closest and most loyal friends called my husband a bitch for speaking the truth. Not only is it blatant disrespect, it's also dirty. It crosses the line, and hits way below the belt. A little surprising coming from someone who prides themselves on being such a GOOD FRIEND and the authority on who is not one.


Moving on! I was so happy when NeNe and Gregg showed up at Peter's party! The fact that my girl was able to take the high road and come to the party was validation that we indeed had a solid friendship and would always be able to work through our differences no matter how big or small. That's what real friends do! FYI: Obviously I was not in her kitchen earlier that morning to hear her call Peter a bitch. However, I thought it was big of her to come to his party despite her feelings at breakfast. Not to mention that she was even kind enough to leave NaeNae in the car! Long story short, it was a great party and I think everyone had a good time. The ladies had a chance to catch up and chit chat. The guys played pool and drank Jamaican beer. Kenya apologized to NeNe again. Peter and I kissed (amongst other things later on that night) and made up! Still kicking myself for not singing the Marilyn Monroe version of Happy Birthday for Peter at the party! LOL! It was kind of nice to not have any real drama for a change. THE BAILEY AGENCY FIRST BAILEY BOWL

The Bailey Bowl is basically field day for grown folks. Since my battle with fibroids, I have become a health advocate. I workout, and with the help of, I make better food choices in my daily diet. I have more energy and feel great! The Bailey Bowl is a collaboration of games (indoor and outdoor) that focuses on the spirit of making exercising fun. We are not getting any younger and can all benefit from exercise. So, I decided to invite the girls to participate by making their own teams to compete against each other. Everyone had great team spirit and came to win. Especially Kandi! I did say make your dream team, however I did not say recruit the NFL, the NBA, and an Olympic Gold Medalist! She brought it and I loved it. It was an awesome event!

So the million dollar question is: Who won The Bailey Bowl? I think it was between Team Cynthia and Team Naked. Honestly, with all that drama at the end, we may never know. Unfortunate ending to a great day.

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Go on to to find out information about The Bailey Bowl 2014!Thank you all for your continued love and support! I appreciate all of you. More drama is on the way! Make sure you tune in every Sunday night at 8/7c. Only on Bravo!


Love you guys!
Cynthia Bailey

Thank You:

Satchel Jester for coming up with The Bailey Bowl idea
The Villages at Carver YMCA
Genovive for the healthy snacks and for helping me get my healthy back
Reebok sneakers
Torch Fitness and Nutrition
Red Bull
Derek J, referee
Funky Dineva, referee
The Bailey Agency Staff: Carlton Morton, Terrence Staunton, Naiomi Duncan, and Larry Johnson. Great job, team!
The Jamaican band
SUITE restaurant and lounge
Saving the best for last, my husband, Peter Thomas, for always seeing me bigger than I see myself.

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