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Recap: Kandi's Big Night

Ep 22: The #RHOA finale was full of (semi) happy endings and some new beginnings.

It's been a long road this season -- from Underground Railroad confusion in Savannah to Momma Joyce's anti-Todd campaign to that time Porsha knocked over Phaedra's birthday cake with a pinata -- and now here we are at the Season 6 finale.

Now the first thing to note is that NeNe was absent most of the episode because of a very real health scare. But luckily we know she's fine and in fabulous shape shimmying and sashaying her way on the latest season of Dancing with the Stars. And of course Gregg did make me smile when he was fairly convinced NeNe simply had a gas problem.

Kenya continued to deal with Velvet's passing, which was tough to watch. She threw a beautiful memorial service, which Cynthia attended. I was curious how Kenya found the space for it, because it didn't look like a pet cemetery, but that sounds like a question for Phaedra.


Speaking of the budding mortician, Phaedra has passed her exams! Hooray! Bring on the dead bodies, because Phaedra's ready to embalm and cremate across the great state of Georgia.

Also I must take a moment to recognize that Ayden may be the cutest kid ever. He let his mom "do the honors" and cut the cake and also responded to Phaedra saying thank you with, "Just doing my job." So precocious!

Oh and also this happened:


Cynthia was busy getting her groove back now that she's fibroid free and feeling fine.


As we learned, sexy talk doesn't exactly come naturally to Cynthia. Thank goodness Mal was there to run through some practice rounds (and thank you, Mal, for telling her to ditch that "daddy" all together). In the end her strawberry seduction may not have come off exactly as she hoped (with Peter understandably chortling most of the way through), but I do think she achieved the desired result in the end...


Then of course we had the episode's main event -- the debut of Kandi's musical. And it went well! (It's safe to say your event is a big deal when Tyler Perry shows up.) Porsha pulled it together even with her power nap, no understudy required.

Momma Joyce was in attendance and enjoyed the musical. (Was that a boyfriend sitting next to her?) Did the musical's message speak to her? Was there a big a-ha moment? Well... she told Kandi they would just have to agree to disagree about Todd, which may not have been the most gratifying response, however she seemed very sincere about it. And after the shoe attack in the bridal shop weeks earlier, this is major progress, so woo hoo!


Next week it's everyone's favorite part of a Housewives season -- the reunion! And it looks like there will be new boobs, new props (Kenya has brought at least a scepter and a megaphone with her), and some new and rather unexpected rivalries.


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