Recap: Kenya's Choice

Recap: Kenya's Choice

Ep 11: You know it's bad when a Housewife would rather walk into oncoming traffic than deal with more drama.

This week Chuck learned a lesson that any Housewives aficionado could have clued him in on -- never come for a Housewife and expect that they won't come for you twice as hard. After his impassioned assertions that Kandi and Phaedra were just on his hookup "team" last week, we start this episode with Phaedra filling Kandi in on what went down in the car and how it's all a bunch of B.S. because she doesn't like "bite-sized brownies or cocktail weenies." 


Chuck, these ladies are not afraid to go there (and by there I mean your very manhood), so don't mess. 

We then had the pleasure of meeting Kenya's dad. Now I'm not sure what I expected, but he was definitely not it with his real old-school Texas man's man style. However when he rolled into the house and just started taking completely unfiltered shots at Kenya and her house, a glimmer of shared family traits shone through. Evidently speaking your mind and not holding back is a genetic thing.

And when Kenya asked for his thoughts on reaching out to her birth mother, the truth train continued to roll on through when she was met with a resounding no.


Doesn't look like there's a happy ending in store for Kenya when it comes to her mom.

Later Cynthia and NeNe visited Chez Kenya to meet her dad, and as you might have guessed, it was a bit awkward. But not as awkward as when Kenya (as a prank?) greeted them in a painter's smock and told them they'd be helping her. This was the reaction:


So no, there was no painting happening. Things continue to be tough for Kandi, who continually just can't seem to catch a break in her relationship. Todd is considering taking a new job that would require a great deal of traveling and thus leave her pretty much on her own when it comes to the musical they planned on producing together. At this news, Kandi breaks down because she doesn't want Todd to feel trapped here by the musical, but also wants him to stay. Honestly they should just make this show completely autobiographical about Kandi's relationship woes and call it "Kandi Krushed: The Musical."


Porsha decided to have Phaedra and Kandi over to see her new mansion, which just so happens to be in NeNe's neighborhood (more on this later). Phaedra and Kandi go into financial planner mode and ask why she wants an enormous house in the 'burbs all to herself, and really I was wondering the same thing. Wouldn't it be better to be closer to the city and nightlife for a single lady? Oh well, to each their own. Maybe she's really hoping to improve her golf game?


And then all the ladies had a lunch somewhere, but the important thing is they met Baton Bob, who is a baton-twirling local celebrity who was dressed up in what I think was an outfit from Gaga's "Bad Romance" music video. 


So yeah, more of this guy!

Finally this week, Cynthia helped Mal organize a trunk show for her bead jewelry. It's here we learn that Porsha never let NeNe know she moved into her neighborhood, and she decides she'll just spring it on her as a "surprise" at some point. That will clearly end well...

...just kidding! Of course the beans get spilled early, NeNe calls Porsha a bad friend, and Porsha runs off in tears. At this point, Kenya decides she can't handle a single second more of Porsha's weeping and literally runs into oncoming traffic to get away. You've got to really, really be fed up with someone to risk death to get away from them, so the situation was clearly dire for Kenya.


Back inside NeNe decided to go over and make nice with Porsha, apologizing for calling her a bad friend. So it would seem everything is OK between them now, but Porsha better have her over ASAP...


Next week a new lady is on the scene who, you guessed it, has an issue with Todd. 


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